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Cellulase Digestive Enzyme

Products name:Cellulase Enzyme Powder
CAS No.:9001-62-1
Application:Feed Addictive
Color:Light Yellow
Shelf Life:≥12Months
Grade:Animal Feed Grade
Application:Promote Nutrition
Usage:feed additive
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What is Cellulase Digestive Enzyme?

Cellulase digestive enzyme degrade cellulose to glucose. Cellulase includes three enzymes such as β-1,4-endoglucanase, cellobiohydrolase, and β-glucosidase (Jecu, 2000). Cellulases are produced by bacteria and fungi (Sharma et al., 2017). Microbial cellulases are produced from fungi especially Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus nidulans, and Aspergillus oryzae (Sukumaran et al., 2005). Enzyme cellulase used in fruit juices and wine processing improves the extraction and clarification of juices and maceration of fruit nectars by breaking the cellulose chains in plant tissues (Juturu and Wu, 2014). Cellulases can aid in the pressing step to increase yields.



Products name

Cellulase Enzyme Powder






Sandy beige powder


ISO, Halal , Kosher, CQC, IQNET

Enzymatic Activity

CMC≥300,000u/g FPA≥20,000u/g;

Physical data
Appearance:Light brown powderConfirm
Activity of enzyme10,000 Units/g min22,100u/g
Loss on drying≤8.0%5.80%
Heavy metals (as Pb)≤2.0mg/kg0.14mg/kg
Heavy metals (as As)≤2.0mg/kg0.57mg/kg
Total Plate Count≤10,000cfu/g1800 cfu/g
SalmonellaAbsent in 25gNegative
Yeast and mould<100 cfu/g105 cfu/g
Shelf Life1 Year when Properly Stored
PackagingOn request (Drums 20kg or 50kg)



Broiler diets are generally based on high fish meal, high corn, and high soybean meal. In order to reduce the use of these conventional raw materials, cheap feed materials are widely used, Qin Jiangfan et al. (1996) increased the proportion of fiber-rich wheat bran in broiler diets, and added 0, 0.05%, and 0.1% cellulase digestive enzyme preparations for experiments. The results showed that the daily weight gain of the 0.1% enzyme cellulase group increased by 4.31%, 4.54%, 4.13%, and the material consumption ratio decreased by 1.56, respectively. %, 4.50%, 4.3%. Xu Qiyou (1998) added 0.1%, 0.15%, and 0.5% cellulase digestive enzyme to layer diets. The results showed that during the period from January to October, the egg production rate increased by 0.53%, 1.25%, and 2.88%, respectively. The egg breaking rate of the 0.15% and 0.5% enzyme level groups decreased by 34.49% and 16.19%, and the eggshell strength increased by 14.71% and 8.41%, respectively.


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