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Cellulase Enzyme

Products name:Cellulase Enzyme Powder
CAS No.:9001-62-1
Application:Feed Addictive
Color:Light Yellow
Shelf Life:≥12Months
Grade:Animal Feed Grade
Application:Promote Nutrition
Usage:feed additive
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What is Cellulase Enzyme?

Cellulase enzyme is any of several enzymes produced chiefly by fungi, bacteria, and protozoans that catalyze cellulolysis, the decomposition of cellulose and of some related polysaccharides. The name is also used for any naturally occurring mixture or complex of various such enzymes, that act serially or synergistically to decompose cellulosic material.

Cellulases break down the cellulose molecule into monosaccharides (“simple sugars”) such as beta-glucose, or shorter polysaccharides and oligosaccharides. Cellulose breakdown is of considerable economic importance, because it makes a major constituent of plants available for consumption and use in chemical reactions. The specific reaction involved is the hydrolysis of the 1,4-beta-D-glycosidic linkages in cellulose, hemicellulose, lichenin, and cereal beta-D-glucans. Because cellulose molecules bind strongly to each other, cellulolysis is relatively difficult compared to the breakdown of other polysaccharides such as starch.



Products name

Cellulase Enzyme Powder






Sandy beige powder


ISO, Halal , Kosher, CQC, IQNET

Enzymatic Activity

CMC≥300,000u/g FPA≥20,000u/g;

Physical data
Appearance:Light brown powderConfirm
Activity of enzyme10,000 Units/g min22,100u/g
Loss on drying≤8.0%5.80%
Heavy metals (as Pb)≤2.0mg/kg0.14mg/kg
Heavy metals (as As)≤2.0mg/kg0.57mg/kg
Total Plate Count≤10,000cfu/g1800 cfu/g
SalmonellaAbsent in 25gNegative
Yeast and mould<100 cfu/g105 cfu/g
Shelf Life1 Year when Properly Stored
PackagingOn request (Drums 20kg or 50kg)



Common livestock and poultry feeds such as grains, beans, wheat and processing by-products contain a lot of cellulose. In addition to ruminant animals that can use a part of the rumen microbes, other animals such as pigs, chickens and other monogastric animals cannot use cellulose.

The following are the applications of cellulase in the diets of cattle, chickens and pigs:

Cattle Diet

Jiao Pinglin et al. (1996) used a steer to add 40g of cellulase per head per day to the diet for 60 days. The results showed that the daily gain of the cellulase enzyme-added group was 892.78g and the control group was 746.8g. The difference is extremely significant (P<0.01). Jiao Pinglin also used 30 Holstein cows for the test. The test group added 50g of cellulase per head per day. The results showed that the total milk production of 15 cows in the test group was 2916kg on 68 days, while the 15 cows in the control group The total milk production at 68 days was 2689kg, the difference was significant (P<0.05). Fu Liansheng et al. (1998) reported that under normal rumen function, adult dairy cows and bred cows fed cellulase for 5 days, their fecal dry matter was reduced by 30% compared to before feeding. One week later, closed cattle The ammonia content in the house is reduced by about 70%, the feed intake of coarse feed is increased by 8-10%, and the urea in the urine is reduced by 58.9%. Pregnant dairy cows are fed with cellulase enzyme 30 days before delivery. After delivery, no symptoms of physiological indigestion will occur. The weight of the fetus can increase by 1.5-3kg without deformities and weak fetuses. The physique of the cows recovers quickly, and the peak milk production lasts for a long time (until the fourth lactation month). Zhao Changyou et al. (1998) reviewed the application of cellulase in the diets of herbivores and achieved significant results.


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