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Bulk Glycine

Name:Bulk Glycine
Appearance:White or white-like crystal
Shelf Life:24 month
Application:Feed additive

What is Bulk Glycine?

Protein is made up of amino acids like bulk glycine.Because it can be produced by the body from other chemicals, it is not considered an “essential amino acid.”Bulk glycine is found in approximately 2 grams per day in a typical diet.Protein-rich foods like meat, fish, dairy, and legumes are the primary sources.

Glycine bulk is utilized for treating schizophrenia, stroke, harmless prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and a few uncommon acquired metabolic problems. Glycine bulk is also used to shield the liver and kidneys from the negative effects of alcohol and certain drugs used after organ transplantation.Preventing cancer and improving memory are two additional uses.


Basic Information:

AppearanceWhite Crystalline Powder
Assay (%)98.50 ~101.50
Loss on drying (%)0.20 max
Residue on ignition (%)0.10 max
Heavy metal (Pb) (%)0.001 max
Arsenic (%)0.0001 max
SolubilityFree soluble in water
Mercury0.1ppm max
Sulfate (SO4) (%)0.006 max
Chloride (Cl) (%)0.007 max
Melting point ( ℃)240 (dec.)(lit.)
PH Value5.50 ~ 7.00
Lead (%)0.0005 max
Storagein dry and cool place
Packing25kg per bag or 25kg per drum


Bulk Glycine Uses

1.Builds muscle

Bulk glycine is needed to make creatine, a chemical that gives your muscles energy and helps you build muscle strength and size.

2.Joints are fixed up

Glycine bulk is the main amino acid in collagen, which is important for your tendons, ligaments, and joints.Glycine has been exhibited in examinations to be essential for the making of adaptable ligament, assist with recuperating harmed joints, and forestall the deficiency of portability and usefulness in more established individuals.

3.Protects against free radical damage and reduces inflammation

Glycine bulk is a dietary precursor to glutathione, a potent antioxidant that plays a role in reducing inflammation.Glycine has the potential to aid in the prevention of oxidative stress-related illnesses such as liver injury, ischemic stroke, and heart attack by inhibiting the production of harmful inflammatory molecules.

4.prevents alcohol damage to the liver Excessive

alcohol consumption can harm the liver.Bulk glycine can help reduce the negative effects of alcohol on the liver by preventing inflammation.Glycine has been shown in animal studies to help reduce the amount of alcohol in the blood of rats fed alcohol.


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