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Bacillus Pumilus Fungicide

Product name:Bacillus Pumilus Fungicide
ISO9001:2008 FAMI-QS
Shelf Life:≥12Months
Grade:Animal Feed Grade
Application:Promote Nutrition
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What is Bacillus Pumilus Fungicide?

Bacillus pumilus fungicide, is a ubiquitous Gram-positive, aerobic, rod-shaped endospore-forming bacteria that can be isolated from a wide variety of soils, plants and environmental surfaces, and even from the interior of Sonoran desert basalt (Benardini et al., 2003). B. pumilus isolates were also recently recovered aboard the International Space Station from hardware surfaces and air particles. It is likely that bacillus pumilus safensis isolates were present in spacecraft assembly facilities as metabolically dormant spores. Bacillus spores are notoriously resistant to unfavorable conditions such as low or no nutrient availability, extreme desiccation, H2O2, UV, gamma-radiation, or chemical disinfection (Nicholson et al., 2000). What is astounding is the elevated resistance observed in bacillus pumilus uses in agriculture when compared to the spores of any other Bacillus species in the spacecraft assembly facilities.



Strain nameBacillus pumilusStrain numberPB-BP03
Potency500bn cfu/gGene IdentificationYes
Packing500g,1kg or 5kg per foil bagStorage-18℃ for long time, 2-8℃



Half of the pots received bacillus pumilus fungicide-inoculated rice seedlings, whereas the other half received un-inoculated ones. Subsequently, plants were harvested and analyzed for mineral composition and antioxidation activity either using atomic absorption spectrometer (AAS) or spectrophotometer. In the absence of PGPR, NaCl salinity significantly enhanced the leaf B and salt toxic ions concentrations, thereby resulting in the shoot growth reduction when compared with the control. Similarly, combined treatment increased the leaf and xylem sap B as compared to NaCl alone, however, remained insignificant for salt toxic ions. Contrary, NaCl + high B decreased the leaf B concentrations as compared to high B alone.

Application of PGPR enhanced the plant growth under individual stresses due to enhanced activity of certain of antioxidative enzymes. In combined treatment, bacillus pumilus safensis showed a positive potential for limiting the Na+ accumulation in rice leaves, but not for leaf B. Moreover, limited uptake of Na+ resulted in the decreased plant antioxidation activity irrespective of increasing leaf B concentrations which in turn enhanced the rice tolerance.


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