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Bacillus Pumilus

Product name:Bacillus Pumilus
ISO9001:2008 FAMI-QS
Shelf Life:≥12Months
Grade:Animal Feed Grade
Application:Promote Nutrition
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What is Bacillus Pumilus?

Bacillus pumilus is a Gram-positive, aerobic, spore-forming bacillus commonly found in soil. Bacillus pumilus spores—with the exception of mutant strain ATCC 7061—generally show high resistance to environmental stresses, including UV light exposure, desiccation, and the presence of oxidizers such as hydrogen peroxide.

Bacillus pumilus is a spore-forming bacteria that is rod-shaped, Gram-positive, and aerobic. It resides in soils and some colonize in the root area of some plants where B. pumilus has antibacterial and antifungal activity. Some purposes of bacillus pumilus probiotic that are being researched are its involvement in bacterial hay preservation, and the use of B. pumilus plasmids in gene transfer systems.The proteases from B. pumilus are used in various industries. Food, chemical, detergent, and leather industries can benefit from the proteases from B. pumilus. The use of the plasmids from B. pumilus and insertion of other plasmids to the bacteria aide in various industries, and as antimicrobials and antifungals.



Strain nameBacillus pumilusStrain numberPB-BP03
Potency500bn cfu/gGene IdentificationYes
Packing500g,1kg or 5kg per foil bagStorage-18℃ for long time, 2-8℃



Bacillus Pumilus is a gram positive , aerobic and spore forming bacteria.

Benefits of bacillus pumilus probiotic:

– Inhibits the growth of marine pathogens like Vibrio alginolyticus.

– Produces antimicrobial and antifungal compounds.

– Increases water quality by degrading complex compounds.


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