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Pure Tribulus Terrestris Powder

Product Name:Pure Tribulus Terrestris Powder
Latin Name: Tribulus P.E.;
Specification Ratio: Total saponins 20%, 40% 98%;
Part Used: Fruit;
Appearance: Brown powder;
Test Method: UV;
Quality Standard: Feed Grade
Advantage :Bulk stock in USA warehouse,Hot sale in USA Marketing;

What is Pure Tribulus Terrestris Powder?

Pure tribulus terrestris powder is a yearly plant in the caltrop family with little woody organic product having long sharp and solid spines. Both the root and product of the pure tribulus terrestris powder have been utilized restoratively in conventional Chinese medication and Ayurvedic medication for their phytochemical and pharmacological exercises.

Tribulus terrestris powder extract might be helpful for hypertension, coronary supply route sickness, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, polycystic ovary disorder, and male and female sexual brokenness; nonetheless, it doesn’t work on athletic execution or lifting weights. Since this spice’s objective side effects render it more inclined to going too far, teaching patients about its potential toxicities is significant.


Basic Information:

Product Name

Tribulus terrestris extract

Part of used


Test Method


Active ingredient

Saponins, Protodioscin

Specs Available





Brown -yellow powder



Molecular Weight


Molecular Formula


Sulphated Ash


Loss on drying


Total Plate Count













Pure Tribulus Terrestris Powder Benefits:

The pure tribulus terrestris powder has been connected to a seriously critical number of advantages. At the point when men become keen on utilizing this enhancement, it is frequently to possibly encounter expanded testosterone levels, as well as a lift in their bulk.

In the first place, it is essential to consider proof gave to propose that pure tribulus terrestris powder might actually be helpful in going about as a characteristic treatment for specific medical issue.

A portion of the circumstances that might actually be improved with the utilization of these enhancements include:

Conditions that influence glucose guideline, like insulin opposition and type 2 diabetes.

Hypertension conditions, similar to hypertension, as well as specific afflictions that might unfavorably affect heart wellbeing.

Sexual circumstances, including those that are viewed as an erectile brokenness risk.

Individuals with melancholy could likewise have the option to profit from the utilization of tribulus terrestris powder extract.

Those with torment conditions, including joint pain and certain immune system conditions, could possibly involve this plant as a characteristic treatment to lessen irritation and agony side effects.

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