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Malt Powder

Product Name:Malt Powder
Latin Name: Hordeurn vulgare L
Form: Powder
Appearance : Brown yellow powder
Quality Standard: Feed Grade
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What is Malt Powder?

Malt powder remove is a sweet, treacly substance, habitually utilized in the blending of lager. Powder malt is a dried type of fluid malt extract. It is an explained water-dissolvable concentrate of malted grain, as non-diastatic powder(no dynamic compounds).

Yellowing in variety, somewhat acidic, exceptionally hygroscopic powder, totally solvent in cool water and promptly dissolvable in steaming hot water is a light yellow. Working on the flavor and surface of heated products and beverages can be utilized.


Basic Information:

Product name:Barley Malt ExtractLatin Name:Hordeum vulgare L.
CAS:539-15-1Molecular formula:C10H15NO
Active ingredients:HordeninePart used:Barley malt
Assay:98%,99%Test method:HPLC






Brown yellow powder








Sieve analysis

100% pass 80 mesh


Loss on Drying

Residue on Ignition





Heavy Metal



Residual Solvents



Residual Pesticide



Total Plate Count



Yeast & Mold










Malt Powder Benefit and Uses:

malt powder is a sort of upsetting specialist for society sugar creation in my country, which contains amylolytic compound, rearrange carbohydrase, proteolytic catalyst, lipidase, maltose, vitamin B, lecithin, and so on. In conventional Chinese medication, it is generally utilized as a helper medication to help absorption, and upgrades gastrointestinal capability; in animals rearing, malt powder is fundamentally engaged with the disintegration of starch in the feed to further develop the supplement change rate. Thusly, to concentrate on the impact of grain malt feast on pig development and feed absorption, four examinations were completed in 1979.

While plainly no “unfilled calorie,” the genuine wholesome punch of powder malt is found in its supplement of cell reinforcements, specifically polyphenols, which have medical advantages including hostile to irritation, against growth, hostile to disease, against microbial and hostile to sensitivity.

The concentrated grain barley malt powder in fluid or solidified structure, wealthy in compounds and cell reinforcements It can be utilized in all homegrown species and for all ages, however particularly in creatures introducing stomach related messes or a fastidious hunger and during healthfully stress, such as weaning or start of feedlot rearing


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