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Bulk Malt Extract

Product Name:Malt Extract
Latin Name: Hordeurn vulgare L
Form: Powder
Appearance : Brown yellow powder
Quality Standard: Feed Grade
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What is Bulk Malt Extract?

Bulk malt extract generally has been an alluring fixing in pet food and creature feed for its entire grain determined dietary commitments. A portion of the more normal relationship with dry malt extract bulk include:

Minerals: including calcium, copper, magnesium, manganese, potassium, selenium and zinc. Copper and seleni-um are basic as cell reinforcement catalyst co-factors which assist with shortening recuperation in brandishing and working canines.

From cheap malt extract, B Vitamins: (niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic corrosive, thiamin, nicotinic corrosive, Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), biotin, and folic corrosive). Nutrients are essential cofactors in digestion and planning with vita-min containing fixings assists help energy creation and usage in creatures that with consuming them.


Basic Information:

Product name:Barley Malt ExtractLatin Name:Hordeum vulgare L.
CAS:539-15-1Molecular formula:C10H15NO
Active ingredients:HordeninePart used:Barley malt
Assay:98%,99%Test method:HPLC






Brown yellow powder








Sieve analysis

100% pass 80 mesh


Loss on Drying

Residue on Ignition





Heavy Metal



Residual Solvents



Residual Pesticide



Total Plate Count



Yeast & Mold










Bulk Malt Extract Benefit and Uses:

In this manner, bulk malt extract remove is especially fascinating in creatures introducing stomach related messes or a particular hunger and during healthfully stress, such as weaning or start of feedlot reproducing., yet in addition during stress producing ingestion diminishes and resistance diminishes, and in checked energy shortage and extraordinary solid work. Our bulk malt extract are accessible in 3 adaptations to address the issues of homegrown species and their specificities:

The concentrated cheap malt extract in fluid or solidified structure, wealthy in proteins and cell reinforcements It can be utilized in all homegrown species and for all ages, yet particularly in creatures introducing stomach related messes or a fastidious hunger and during healthfully stress, such as weaning or start of feedlot reproducing : canines and felines, ponies, pigs, hares and poultry, ruminants.

The dry malt extract bulk wealthy in quickly absorbed energy and cancer prevention agents. A genuine catalyst and recuperation drink for sport ponies. The drawn out conservation makes the capacity the executives more straightforward however diminishes compound items.

The bulk malt extract, wealthy in quickly absorbed energy especially adjusted for ruminant dams frequently in bad energy balance around birthing. Its dependable conservation makes the capacity the board simpler yet diminishes protein contents.


Why Choose Bulk Malt Extract?

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Where to buy Bulk Malt Extract?

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