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Goji Berry Powder Bulk

Product Name:Goji Berry Powder Bulk
Spec:Spray Dried;Freeze Dried
Apprearance:Purple Powder
Grade:Feed Grade
Free Sample: 15-20g
Stock in LA USA warehouse;

What is Goji Berry Powder Bulk?

Goji berry powder bulk are still a piece enchanted to a great many people outside Asia, and in any event, for a ton of non-asians living in Asia.

Bulk goji powder, otherwise called wolfberries, have for some time been utilized in Asian food for their healthful properties. They are normally exceptionally low in sugar, somewhat harsh trailing sensation, and convey complex berry notes simultaneously.

As of late goji powder bulk are likewise various guaranteed medical advantages, going from relieving cholesterol to further developing visual perception, to battling disease, in spite of the fact that we trust a ton of these to be overstated and problematic.







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Mesh Size

100% Through 80 Mesh





Ash Content



Total Heavy Metals



Arsenic (As)



Lead (Pb)









Total Plate Count



Total Yeast & Mold



E. Coli







Goji Berry Powder Bulk Benefits :

Giving your canine isn’t diabetic; he can eat goji berries with some restraint. There are numerous medical advantages of eating goji powder bulk as they contain elevated degrees of numerous fundamental nutrients and minerals.

Goji berry powder bulk are plentiful in L-ascorbic acid, as well as calcium, and iron. Calcium is expected to keep up with solid bones, teeth, joints, and young doggies and more established canines should get sufficient calcium.

It likewise contains a substance called beta-sitosterol, which is great for more established canines that have joint pain. Goji powder bulk contain a mitigating specialist that can assist with decreasing the irritation related with conditions like joint pain.

Goji berry powder bulk additionally contain zinc, phosphorous, and fiber. Canines need to consume fiber as it’s great for their absorption. These berries all have numerous miniature supplements, which will assist with working on your canine’s wellbeing. They can assist with forestalling rickets in canines. Rickets is a bone issue that can cause hindered development. Bulk goji powder can likewise assist with further developing your canine’s skin condition as they contain vitamin A. They will assist your pet with keeping up with solid bones and teeth and could forestall coronary illness.

Bulk goji powder contain cancer prevention agents that assistance to battle against free revolutionaries. They likewise contain beta-carotene, which can assist with working on your canine’s visual perception, improve cerebrum capability, and lift resistance.

Goji Berry Powder Bulk Application:

Applied in FEED field, it can be used to pet food.


Where to buy Goji Berry Powder Bulk?

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