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Flaxseed Powder

Product Name:Flaxseed Powder
Appearance:Yellow Brown Powder
Active Ingredient:Lignan
Specification:20%-80% Lignan
Test Method:HPLC
Application: Pet Food
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What is Flaxseed Powder?

Flaxseed powder is a plant-based food that gives energizing fat, cell reinforcements, and fiber. Certain individuals consider it a “utilitarian food,” and that implies that an individual can eat it to support their wellbeing.

Individuals developed flaxseed powder as a yield in old Egypt and China. In Asia, it has played a part in Ayurvedic medication for millennia.

Today, powdered flaxseed is accessible as seeds, oils, powder, tablets, containers, and flour. Individuals use it as a dietary enhancement to forestall obstruction, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, coronary illness, disease, and a few different circumstances.


Basic Information:

Typeflaxseed extract
Extraction TypeSolvent Extraction
Packagingbottle, CAN, Drum, Glass Container, Mason Jar, Plastic Container, Vacuum Packed, box
Product Nameflaxseed extract
Active Ingredientflax lignans
Specification20%,40% SDG
Test MethodHPLC UV
Keywordlinseed extract
FunctionPET FOOD
Shelf Life24 Months
Package1kg/ Bag 25kg/drum


Flaxseed Powder Benefits:

Flaxseed powder or simply Flax is often promoted as a superfood. It contains fat, protein, fiber, and minerals. Flaxseed helps protect against diabetes and some forms of cancer. You can use the seeds whole, ground, or even in the form of flaxseed oil. You may have started to see dog food or treats that tout powdered flaxseed as an ingredient.

Totally! Powdered flaxseed is loaded up with Omega 3 and Omega 6 unsaturated fats. These unsaturated fats assist with keeping your canine’s jacket sparkling and skin sound. Powdered flaxseed likewise contains alpha-linolenic corrosive, which is known for its calming properties – which can give your canine’s resistant framework a lift!

To get the most value for your money, grind the seeds before you share them with your little guy. The entire seeds will go through your canine’s stomach related framework. Realize that soon after you grind them, flaxseed powder can go smelly. Thus, you might need to crush the seeds “to arrange” or not long before you feed them to your pet!

Like any new food, present flaxseed powder organic gradually so as not to agitate your canine’s stomach. If you have any desire to take a stab at integrating flaxseed powder organic into a flavorful treat for your closest companion, attempt these Blissful Banana Vegan Dog Biscuits from Kathy Hester for Healthy Slow Cooking.


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