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Botanical Pesticide – Tea Saponin

Tea saponin, one kind of naturally occurring triterpenoid substance, is extracted from seeds of wild Camellia seeds by high technology of Water extraction and alcohol precipitation. Camellia is a unique woody oil crops, they are mainly edible vegetable oil in China so the source is very enough.

Tea saponin has two characteristics, one is surface activity, the other is biologic activity. As the surface activity, it is an excellent nonionic surfactant which is proved to have function of emulsification, dispersing, fronthing and moistring. After formulation, it can be widely used in pesticide, texitile, daily chemical and architecture field for its surfactants without pollution. As the biologic activity, it is used in organic insecticide, it can repellent most pests and strong effects on snails in paddy field and earthworm in golf court.. Also used in shrimp farming to eliminate predatory fish in the fish and shrimp ponds. Help shrimp take off shell earlier and enhance the growth of shrimps.

Tea saponin is easy to be dissolved in water, water-contained methanol, water-contained ethanol, glacial acetic acid, acetic anhydride and pyridine etc.


30% Tea saponin liquid

60% Tea saponin powder

Product Feature:

1.Inhibite the bio-activity of cellulase, one of the most important digestive enzymes in snail or slug.

2.Inhibite the bio-activity of alexipharmic metabolism-enzymes of cabbageworm, leading to anti-feedant and growth inhibition effectiveness.

3.Strong adhension to block the spiracle of insects to cause death by suffocation.

4.It has hemolysis effectiveness on Red blood cell of fish;

5.Inhibite the bio-activity of enzyme, the growth of mycelium and germination of spores;

Destroy the cell membrane of certain fungal; Intervene the metabolism of material or energy.

6.100% nature and eco friendly, no harm to human and environment.

7.It is an excellent additive for water-based or soluble powder pesticides. It can improve the physical properties of pesticides, improve the adhesion of liquids to biological or plant surfaces, and enhance the synergistic effect of pesticides.

8.Tea saponin can be degraded automatically and is non-toxic. It does not affect the chemical properties of pesticides during the separation process.

9.It is a natural nonionic surfactant with good functions of emulsification, dispersion, foaming and wetting.


1.Adjuvant in agrochemical formulation:

30-50kg tea saponin powder add to 1000L formulation

60-100kg tea saponin liquid add to 1000L formulation

2.Pest Control:

Make 10% tea saponin SL with dosage 300-500 times dilution can control paddy Snail, Cabbage butterfly,

Underground pests of flowers and lawns.

Higher purity and dosage make higher effects.

3.Aquaculture Application

150kg tea saponin powder/ha or 300kg tea saponin liquid/ha. Kill unwanted fish before fish breeding in shrimp pond. Help shrimp take off shell earlier and enhance the growth of shrimps.