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Zinc Propionate

CAS Number: 557-28-8
Molecular formula: C6H10O4Zn
Molecular weight: 211.53
EINECS Number: 209-167-6
Quality Standard: Feed Grade
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What is Zinc Propionate?

Zinc propionate is used to reduce irritation from molds, fungi, and bacteria and as a topical antifungal agent. Soluble in alcohol, ether, chloroform. Miscible with ethanol; soluble in diethyl ether; slightly soluble in chloroform. Hygroscopic, protect from water/moisture and oxidizing agents.



Solubility: Solubleinalcohol, ether, chloroform.Misciblewithethanol; solubleindiethylether; slightlysolubleinchloroform.

Water solubility: solubilityinH2O, w/w%: 32(15°C)[MER06]

Sensitivity: Hygroscopic

Merck: 14,10153

EPA chemical substance information: Zincpropionate (557-28-8)




Zinc Propionate is an essential dietary element that can be found in many natural mineral deposits. There are several forms available in the market that are used to supplement petfoods This is done to complement the naturally occurring levels from the animal and plant sources found in common petfood ingredients.


Zinc Propionate Supplier

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