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Vitamin B6

Product name:Vitamin B6
Color:White Fine Powder
CAS No.:65-23-6
Other Names:Pyridoxine
Type:Feed Grade Vitamins
Efficacy:Feed Preservatives, Promote Healthy & Growth, Promote Nutrition

What is Vitamin B6?

Most feedstuffs, except fruits, are good sources of vitamin B6. In general, muscle, liver, vegetables, whole grain cereals and their by-products and nuts are among the best sources. The bioavailability in two common feed ingredients is 65 percent for soybean meal and 45 to 56 percent in corn (McDowell and Ward, 2008). The vitamin B6 present in cereal grains is concentrated mainly in the bran. The richest source is royal jelly produced by bees (5,000 µg per kg or 2,273 µg per lb). Most vitamin B6 in animal products is in the form of pyridoxal and pyridoxamine phosphates. In plants and seeds the usual form is pyridoxol (McDowell, 2000).

The principal source of vitamin B6 for ruminants is that obtained by microbial synthesis in the rumen. In an experiment in which sheep were fed a diet containing 1.5 mg of vitamin B6 per kg (0.68 mg per lb), McElroy and Goss (1939) measured 6 to 10 mg per kg (2.7 to 4.5 mg per lb) of vitamin B6 in dried rumen contents. For cattle, McElroy and Goss (1940b) measured 8 to 10 mg of vitamin B6 per kg (3.6 to 4.5 mg per lb) of dried rumen contents in animals fed 1 to 1.5 mg per kg (0.45 to 0.65 mg per lb) of vitamin B6 in the diet. Ewes maintained on a diet containing little vitamin B6 yielded milk that contained as much vitamin B6 as the milk of ewes fed normal diets (McElroy and Goss, 1940b).


Basic Information:

item value
CAS No. 65-23-6
Other Names Pyridoxine
EINECS No. 277-913-8
FEMA No. /
Place of Origin China
Type Acidity Regulators, Amino Acids and Coenzymes



Professor Wu Shan believes that it is better for shrimp to contain 12mg of vitamin B hydrochloride per 100g of bait. Lin Shimei believes that the supplement of vitamin b6 in silver crucian carp is 5mg/kg.

Measured according to the optimal growth conditions of carp, every kilogram of carp needs vitamin B6 about 0.15mg/kg per day.

It is used for the deficiency of vitamin B6 in aquatic animals. When vitamin B6 is lacking in the feed, aquatic animals will have various symptoms.


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