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English name: Taurine
English synonyms: TAURINE;2-amino-ethanesulfonicaci;2-sulfoethylamine;Aminoethanesulfonicacid;TURIN;2-AMINOETHANESULFONICACID99.3+%;TATU;TAURINEextrapureCHR
CAS Number: 107-35-7
Molecular formula: C2H7NO3S
Molecular weight: 125.15
EINECS number: 203-483-8

What is Taurine?

Taurine is a free amino acid. Because of its ability to maintain the balance of body osmotic pressure, maintain normal visual function, regulate cellular calcium balance, lower blood sugar, regulate nerve conduction, participate in endocrine activities, regulate lipid digestion and absorption, and increase cardiac contractility. People are paying great attention to a wide range of biological effects such as improving the body’s immunity, enhancing the antioxidant capacity of cell membranes, and protecting myocardial cells.

The efficacy of taurine and its role in feed are mainly reflected in the fact that taurine has a variety of physiological activities and nutritional effects. The common application is to add to livestock and poultry feed, especially as a feed additive for broilers; currently there are also Studies have shown that adding taurine to layer diets can improve production performance, regulate lipid metabolism, improve antioxidant status, and improve egg quality.

Basic Information:




White needle crystal or cystalline powder


99.50% min

Clarity of Solution

Colourless and clear

Loss and Drying

0.2% max

Calcined Residue

0.1% max

Heavy Metals(Pb)

10ppm max


2ppm max

Chloride (as Cl)

0.01% max

Sulphate (as SO4)


Ammonium Salt

0.02% max

Easily Carbonized

Matter Colorless

Quality Standard




The efficacy of taurine and its role in feed, except for poultry applications, although there are not many reports on the application of taurine in swine nutrition, the researchers used 0.5% taurine diets to feed pregnancy Sows (from pregnancy to weaning) did not significantly increase litter size, piglet birth weight, and survival rate to day age, but continued addition of taurine after weaning can increase the growth rate and feed conversion rate of piglets. Adding 0.1% taurine to the diet of 28-day-old weaned piglets can increase piglet weight gain (0.55kg/d), and the effect is more obvious in the first 5 days, and it is speculated that taurine may play a role in piglet weaning stress .

The effectiveness of taurine and its role in feed are also reflected in aquaculture. Studies have shown that taurine is the best attractant additive in shrimp bait. Any shrimp bait containing this substance has a good feeding effect. It has a good effect on regulating the balance of the trace elements of the comprehensive nutrition of the bait. Taurine can also promote the ingestion of crustaceans, and the sense of smell of real lobster is sensitive to taurine and its derivatives. Scholars have studied the effects of dietary taurine on the taurine levels in the whole and tissues of eels, and the results show that the taurine levels in the whole and tissues of eels fed with taurine diets are higher than those in the control group.


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