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Sulfate Potassium

Product Name:Potassium Sulfate for Plants
Grade:Tech/Argiculture Grade
Certificate:ISO CCIC CIQ
Packing:PP/PE Bags
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What is Sulfate Potassium?

Sulfate Potassium is a colorless crystal with low hygroscopicity, not easy to agglomerate, good physical properties, easy to apply, and is a good water-soluble potassium fertilizer. Sulfate Potassium is also a chemically neutral, physiologically acidic fertilizer. Reactions in different soils and points to note: First, in acidic soils, excess sulfate radicals will increase the acidity of the soil, and even aggravate the poisoning of active aluminum and iron in the soil to crops. Under flooding conditions, excessive sulfate radicals will be reduced to produce hydrogen sulfide, which will damage the roots and turn black. Therefore, long-term use of potassium sulfate should be combined with farmyard manure, alkaline phosphate fertilizer and lime to reduce acidity. In practice, it should also be combined with drainage and drying measures to improve ventilation.

Second, in calcareous soil, sulfate and calcium ions in the soil produce calcium sulfate (gypsum), which is not easily soluble. Too much calcium sulphate will cause soil compaction. At this time, attention should be paid to increasing farm manure. Third, focus on the use of chlorine-free crops, such as tobacco, tea trees, grapes, sugar cane, sugar beets, watermelons, potatoes, etc. The increased application of potassium sulfate will not only increase the yield, but also improve the quality. Potassium sulfate is more expensive than potassium chloride and has less supply. It should be used on economic crops that are sensitive to chlorine and sulfur- and potassium-loving, and the benefits will be better.



Molecular FormulaK2SO4
AppearanceWhite Crystal Powder
Main contain (K2SO4)98% Min
K2O50.0% Min
Moisture1.5% Max
CL1.5% Max
Free Acid(H2SO4)1.5% Max
S18% Min
PH Value3-5
Water soluble100%



(1) Used as a base fertilizer: Potassium sulfate can be used as a base fertilizer in dry fields, but it must be applied deep in the soil when applying fertilizer. This will not only reduce the fixed amount of potassium in the soil, but also help crops absorb nutrients, thereby increasing the fertilizer’s efficiency. Utilization rate.

(2) Used as top dressing: When using potassium sulfate in top dressing, it should be applied to the soil with dense roots by concentrated hole application or strip application to increase the absorption rate.

(3) Used as seed fertilizer and extra-root top dressing: 1.5-2.5 kg per mu can be used as seed fertilizer. When used as extra-root top dressing, it can be formulated into a 2%-3% solution, and then sprayed.


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