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Sodium Sulfate

Foreign name: Sodium sulfate
Chemical formula: Na2SO4
CAS Number: 7757-82-6
Melting point: 884℃
Appearance: colorless transparent crystal
Other names: Anhydrous Glauber’s salt, Anhydrous sodium sulfate
Molecular weight: 142.06
Boiling point: 1404℃
Density: 2.68 g/mL 【25°C(lit.)】
Type:Feed Grade
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What is Sodium sulfate?

Sodium sulfate (also known as sodium sulphate or sulfate of soda) is the inorganic compound with formula Na2SO4 as well as several related hydrates. All forms are white solids that are highly soluble in water. With an annual production of 6 million tonnes, the decahydrate is a major commodity chemical product.

In recent years, sodium sulfate has been used as a nutritional fortifier of new-type livestock and poultry feed protein at home and abroad to make up for the lack of sulfur in livestock and poultry. The sulfur element in sodium sulfate can stimulate the metabolism of livestock and poultry, and its absorption rate and biological potency are higher than other sulfates. And its price is only 5% to 7% of methionine, which is economical and affordable. A large number of studies have shown that as a feed additive, the sulfur element (22.6%) contained in sodium sulfate can improve the absorption and utilization of nitrogen and other nutrients in the feed, and promote the biological activities of methionine, cystine and other sulfur-containing amino acids in livestock and poultry. Synthesis and redox processes improve the utilization of feed protein and other nutrients, thereby improving production performance.



Purity 99%min Size 40-70/80-150/600-800/1250 mesh
CAS 7757-82-6 Package 50kg/1000kg PP+PE bag
Hs code 2833110000 Loading capacity 27tons/20GP
Grade Feed grade Port Qingdao/Lianyungang/Tianjin port



2. 1 Poultry farming

  According to Li Rong et al. (1977) [6] reported that three kinds of duck feed were added with 0. 2%, 0. 4%, 0. 6% sodium sulfate, the egg production rate was higher than the control group 5. 1%, 7. 8%, 5. 8% (P <0.05); Du Bingwang et al. (1996) [7] The experiment found that sodium sulfate can increase the laying rate (2.4%) and egg weight (3.7%) of laying poultry; Add 0 in the diet. With 5% sodium sulfate, the daily weight gain of the test group was higher than that of the control group 8. 9%, and the meat quality has been significantly improved. Sun Yanming et al. (1997) [8] believe that the sulfur element in sodium sulfate has a good effect on the quality of eggshells, and in the hot season, adding sodium sulfate (concentration of 0.05%) to the drinking water to supplement the sulfur element can be Significantly increase the egg production rate. According to the experiment of Huang Quanju et al. (1997) [9], add 1. 0% sodium sulfate, the effect can be seen after 3 days, 5-6 days can stop pecking the anus, pecking feathers, 15-21 days later, new feathers can grow from the feathers being pecked. Add 0 in the feed. 3% ~ 0. 4% sodium sulfate can not only prevent anal pecking, feather pecking and egg eater, but also increase the egg production rate by 12% to 15%.

2. 2 Pig breeding

  According to Ye Chengyuan et al. (1997) [10] reported that adding 0.% to fattening pig feed. 4% sodium sulfate, compared with the control group, the daily gain increased by 9. 8. 8%, increase feed utilization rate13. 5%. Add 0 to the fattening pig feed. 4% ~ 0. With 6% sodium sulfate, the protein, VA, and VB content of the meat are higher than those of the control group. The muscles are dark red, the meat is tender and the meat has a stronger aroma. It is also reported that because sodium sulfate has a laxative effect, it can prevent pigs from eating bulky and constipation. It is often used as a laxative for sows after delivery. It helps digestion, clearing away heat, and promoting choleretic effects. Appropriate use can reduce the stomach of pigs. Intestinal diseases make the pig herd healthier and less sick, with shiny fur and strong appetite.

2. 3 Ruminants

  According to Jiang Zongze (1992) [11] reported that appropriate addition of sodium sulfate in ruminant diets can increase the synthesis of bacterial protein in the rumen, improve the balance of amino acids, and improve production performance. Add sodium sulfate in high-fiber diets. 46% ~ 0. 60%, the apparent digestibility of dry matter, organic matter, acid detergent fiber, and crude protein shows a linear upward trend, and can significantly increase the number of rumen microbes. Add 0 in dairy cow feed. 8% sodium sulfate, every 1 kg of milk produced can save feed (including roughage). 14 kg, the milk production, feed conversion rate, and economic benefits were increased by 12. 62%, 12. 38%, 20. 79%.

2. 4 Fur animals

   According to the experiment, 0. 2% sodium sulfate, the average daily weight gain rate is higher than that of the control group 8. 5%, increase the feed utilization rate by 10. 2%, the economic benefit increased 31. 7%. In goat feed, add 0.5% of dry matter. 4. 4% sodium sulfate can increase the rate of weight gain 12. 6%. Add 0 in the long-haired rabbit diet. 2. 2% sodium sulfate can increase rabbit hair production. 9%, increase economic efficiency 18. 9% [2, 12]. Numerous data indicate that adding an appropriate amount of sodium sulfate to the diets of fattening rabbits and goats can significantly increase the protein content of the meat, and the meat is tender and has a strong meat flavor. Add 0 in the fur rabbit diet. 2% ~ 0. 3% sodium sulfate can not only significantly increase the wool production, but also increase the length of the wool fiber, reduce the residual wool, and make the wool fiber shiny and economical.


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