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Sodium Chloride

Product name:Sodium chloride
Appearance: White crystal,
CAS NO. : 7647-14-5
Molecular formula: NaCl
Standard: GB/ T5461-2016
Type:Feed Grade
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What is Sodium chloride?

Sodium chloride (NaCl), also known as salt, is an essential compound our body uses to:

absorb and transport nutrients

maintain blood pressure

maintain the right balance of fluid

transmit nerve signals

contract and relax muscles

Salt is an inorganic compound, meaning it doesn’t come from living matter. It’s made when Na (sodium) and Cl (chloride) come together to form white, crystalline cubes.

Your body needs salt to function, but too little or too much salt can be harmful to your health.

While salt is frequently used for cooking, it can also be found as an ingredient in foods or cleansing solutions. In medical cases, your doctor or nurse will typically introduce sodium chloride as an injection. Read on to see why and how salt plays an important role in your body.




Product name Industrial rock salt Appearance White crystalline fine powder
Brand Green Agri Application Glass industry, printing and dyeing
Grade Industrial/ feed grade Place of product China
Purity 99%min CAS No. 7647-14-5
Size 60-80 mesh Hs code 2501001900
Package 25kg/ 50kg/ 1000kg jumbo bag Payment TT LC
Price validity 7 days Delivery time With 10-15 days after payment



The chemical composition of feed salt/livestock salt/feed additive sodium chloride is mainly sodium chloride, which is an important mineral in livestock and poultry feed and an essential substance for life-sustaining activities. Sodium chloride can maintain the acid-base balance of blood and tissue fluid, regulate the stability of normal osmotic pressure, stimulate the secretion of saliva, and promote the appetite of livestock and poultry. Sodium chloride can promote the synthesis of organic matter such as fat and protein in the metabolic process; it keeps the digestive juice alkaline in the intestines, can activate amylase, and can keep the gastric juice acidic and has a bactericidal effect.

If there is a lack of salt in the feed, or the salt content is insufficient, it will cause digestive disorders of livestock and poultry, loss of appetite, and may develop pica. In severe cases, livestock and poultry will suffer from poor growth, lack of energy, or weight loss. If cows and sows do not eat or eat less salt, the milk will be reduced, which will affect the healthy growth of calves and piglets. If the salt supply in the diet of laying chickens is insufficient, the body weight and egg weight will be reduced, and the number of eggs will be reduced. It will also decrease. Not only must there be feed salt/livestock salt/feed additive sodium chloride in the feed of livestock and poultry, but also the feed of raising fish, which can prevent the intestinal diseases of the fish and increase the food intake at the same time. Conducive to the growth of fish. The content of sodium and chlorine in plant feed is very small, which generally cannot meet the physiological needs of livestock and poultry. Therefore, feed salt/livestock salt/feed additive sodium chloride must be added to the feed. The average fattening pig needs to eat 3-6 grams of feed salt/livestock salt/feed additive sodium chloride per day, 6-9 grams for pregnant sows, 19 to 26 grams for lactating sows, and 19 to 26 grams for chickens. The amount of salt should account for 0.3% of the feed.


Sodium chloride Supplier

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Where to buy Sodium chloride?

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