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Seaweed Fertilizer

CAS No.:68514-28-3
Other Names:Seaweed Organic Granular fertilizer

What is Seaweed Fertilizer?

Seaweed fertiliser, also spelled seaweed fertilizer, is organic fertilizer made from seaweed.In the Channel Islands, such seaweed fertiliser is known as vraic in their dialects of Norman, a word that has also entered Channel Island English, the activity of collecting vraic being termed vraicking. In Scotland, it is used as fertiliser in lazybeds or feannagan. Falkland Islanders have also been nicknamed “Kelpers” from time to time, from collecting Powdered Seaweed Fertilizer partly for this purpose.[1] Dulse and kelp (Laminaria digitata) has been used as fertiliser on the west coast of Ireland since at least the 13th century.

Basic Information:



Seaweed Extract


Organic Matter


Total Nitrogen






Microelement(Ca Cu Fe Mg Zn )


Amino Acid


Humic Acid


Fulvic Acid











Foliar fertilization is also called root (top dressing) fertilization, which is to supplement the nutrient elements required by plants through foliar spraying, and play a role in regulating plant growth, replenishing missing elements, preventing premature aging and increasing yield. Bulk Seaweed fertilizer is a branch of foliar fertilizer. The author will focus on its development history and application skills.

Folding developed from foliar fertilizer

With the continuous improvement of lawn maintenance standards, extra-root topdressing has become more and more popular with lawn caregivers for its advantages in quickly supplying nutrients, preventing nutrients from being adsorbed and fixed by the soil, and improving fertilizer utilization. Especially under adversity conditions, the absorption function of roots is hindered, and foliar fertilization can often exert special effects. Therefore, after 165 years of rapid development, foliar fertilizer has made great progress in variety development, application technology, and application range.

The Seaweed Fertilizer Supplier

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