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Product Name:Riboflavin(Vitamin B2)
Appearance:Orange Yellow Crystalline Powder
Test Method:HPLC
CAS No:83-88-5
Molecular Formula:C17H20N4O6
Particle Size:60-100Mesh

What is Riboflavin?

Riboflavin (also known as vitamin B2) is one of the B vitamins, which are all water soluble. Riboflavin is naturally present in some foods, animal feed additive, added to some food products, and available as a dietary supplement. Riboflavin, namely vitamin B2, is one of the indispensable vitamins in biological life activities. After it enters the animal body, it is phosphorylated into riboflavin phosphate and flavin adenine dinucleotide, which combines with protein to form an enzyme that regulates the redox process, which has a significant effect on promoting the development and healthy growth of animals.


Basic Information:


Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)

Assay (On dry basis)

98.0%-102.0% (USP)

97.0%-103.0% (BP) 98.2%


Orange Yellow Crystalline Powder



Acidity of Alkalinity

Check the color of the test solution after adding the respective solutions


Absorbance of the filtrate at 440nm does not exceed 0.025 (USP); not more intense than BP 0.008


0.31-0.33 A373nm/A267nm

0.36-0.39 A444nm/A267nm

Particle Size

100% passes through 60 mesh sieve

Specific Rotation

Between -115 and -135 (BP/USP) -125

Loss on Drying


Heavy Metals


Residue on Ignition

<0.3% (USP)

<0.1% (BP) 0.1%

Organic Volatile Impurities

Method IV;



2.1 Effect on the immune system

2.1.1 Impact on immune organs

Riboflavin deficiency can hinder the development of immune organs. According to the principle of structure and function, the development of immune organs is inhibited, and immune function is also damaged.

2.1.2 Impact on non-specific immunity

There are many factors that constitute the non-specific immunity of an animal body, the most important of which is the mucosal barrier function of skin and other tissues. If riboflavin is lacking, the integrity of the body’s mucosa will be impaired, and the barrier function will be destroyed. In severe cases, it can damage the skin-related lymphatic tissues and weaken the body’s immune function.

2.1.3 Impact on cellular immunity

Cellular immunity refers to the effect of immune cells to remove foreign bodies

Immune response, this process is completed by the joint action of multiple cell lines. The study found that different levels of riboflavin treatment groups can stimulate the increase in the number of white blood cells and heterophagocytes in the peripheral blood, and the level of riboflavin showed an increasing trend.

2.1.4 Impact on Humoral Immunity

Humoral immunity is an important aspect of animal-specific immunity. It is an immune response process mediated by B lymphocytes and completed by multiple cell lines (antigen presenting cells, immune regulatory cells and effector cells). The effect of riboflavin on the titer of immunoglobulin and antibody directly reflects the relationship between riboflavin and humoral immune function. The study found that with the increase of day age, the addition of riboflavin at levels 5.2, 12.4, 23 and 48 mg/kg can significantly increase the serum Newcastle disease antibody titer of broilers at 56 days under heat stress (P<0.05). At the same time reduce the mortality of broilers [7]. 2.2 The role of antioxidant capacity

2.3 Effect on production performance

2.3.1 Effect on growth performance

Riboflavin can promote the deposition of protein in the body, improve the utilization rate of feed, and promote the normal development of poultry. At present, the results of research on the effect of increasing the amount of riboflavin on the growth performance of poultry are different, but in general, an appropriate increase in the amount of riboflavin can improve the quality of meat. Wang Wenhui et al. studied clinical symptoms, pathology, enzyme chemistry, etc., and proposed that the recommended dose of riboflavin is 7.2 mg/kg;

2.3.2 Effect on egg production.

Riboflavin is one of the most common vitamins that affect the hatchability of poultry eggs. Riboflavin-binding protein (ribBP) is an essential component of chicken egg yolk. The serum ribBP and VTG (a kind of phospholipid) Glycoprotein, which is the precursor of yolk lipophosphoprotein and yolk phosphoprotein in egg yolk), is combined by the oocyte yolk producing receptor mediated endocytosis. It supplies enough riboflavin in the yolk to maintain embryo development. Breeder chickens lack riboflavin, the early embryonic mortality rate increases, and the hatching rate of hatching eggs decreases, resulting in an increase in the number of weak chicks hatched, and riboflavin treatment has a significant effect. Studies have also shown that when added 1-2 times according to the diet standard, the conversion effect of riboflavin from feed to eggs is 45%.


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