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Red Iron Oxide

CAS No.:1309-37-1
Other Names:Iron oxide
EINECS No.:215-168-2
Place of Origin:China
Usage:Ceramic Pigments, Coating Pigment,feed additive
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What is Red Iron Oxide?

Red iron oxide is the most common colorant in ceramics and has the highest amount of iron. It is available commercially as a soft and very fine powder made by grinding ore material or heat processing ferrous/ferric sulphate or ferric hydroxide. During firing all irons normally decompose and produce similar colors in glazes and clay bodies (although they have differing amounts of Fe metal per gram of powder). Iron oxide red is available in many different shades from a bright light red at a deep red maroon, these are normally designated by a scale from about 120-180 (this number designation should be on the bags from the manufacturer, darker colors are higher numbers), however in ceramics these different grades should all fire to a similar temperature since they have the same amount iron. The different raw colors are a product of the degree of grinding.



Product nameRed Iron Oxide
CAS NO.1309-37-1
Molecular FormulaFe2O3
AppearanceRED powder
PackingPacked in 25kg bags
Lead TimeWithin 15 days after order confirmation
Gradefeed grade



Iron oxide is an ingredient that is sometimes added to horse feeds as a source of iron. For most horses, it is recommended to avoid feeds that contain added iron because too much of this mineral can have adverse effects.


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