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Pure Vitamin B2

Product Name:Vitamin B2 Powder
Appearance:Orange Yellow Crystalline Powder
Test Method:HPLC
CAS No:83-88-5
Molecular Formula:C17H20N4O6
Particle Size:60-100Mesh

What is Pure Vitamin B2?

A water-soluble vitamin, pure vitamin b2 is essential to a number of vital body functions. It supports the production of healthy red blood cells and aids in the metabolism of glucose, the sugar that the body uses for energy. Additionally, riboflavin acts as an antioxidant, preventing free radicals from harming cells and raising the risk of numerous diseases associated with aging.

Many different foods, the majority of which are common in the American diet, naturally contain vitamin b2 pure. Riboflavin deficiency is therefore uncommon in the United States. In most cases, severe malnutrition or conditions that prevent vitamin absorption are to blame.



Basic Information:



Vitamin B2

Assay (On dry basis)

98.0%-102.0% (USP)

97.0%-103.0% (BP) 98.2%


Orange Yellow Crystalline Powder



Acidity of Alkalinity

Check the color of the test solution after adding the respective solutions


Absorbance of the filtrate at 440nm does not exceed 0.025 (USP); not more intense than BP 0.008


0.31-0.33 A373nm/A267nm

0.36-0.39 A444nm/A267nm

Particle Size

100% passes through 60 mesh sieve

Specific Rotation

Between -115 and -135 (BP/USP) -125

Loss on Drying


Heavy Metals


Residue on Ignition

<0.3% (USP)

<0.1% (BP) 0.1%

Organic Volatile Impurities

Method IV;


Pure Vitamin B2 Uses

Now that we’ve talked about how your dog would look if they didn’t have enough pure vitamin b2 in their body, let’s talk about how they would look if they did. Having enough vitamin B in your dog’s body has a number of advantages that will keep them strong, healthy, and happy. Vitamin B provides the following diverse advantages:

aid in repelling fleas and ticks;
increases energy and metabolism;
creates nerves and blood cells;
promotes hair and skin health;
prevents cancer and heart disease;
helps the nervous system and brain;
bolsters the body’s defenses.
For dogs, vitamin B complex with vitamin b2 pure is essential for repelling fleas and ticks. Make use of a plant-based pure vitamin b2 and dose it according to your dog’s weight.

Because vitamin b2 pure plays a role in cellular metabolism and regeneration as well as the production of energy, your dog will always have a sufficient supply of blood cells. These blood cells will communicate with one another to produce protein and healthy muscle tissue.

Additionally, pure vitamin b2 improves neurotransmitter signaling, increasing your pet’s vitality and cognitive function. Your dog’s skin will be less irritated and dry, and their hair will be shinier and healthier as a result of all the beneficial internal processes that Vitamin B promotes.




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