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Pure Oregano Oil

Product Name:Pure Oregano Oil
Apperance:light yellow oil
Supply Type:OEM/ODM, OEM/ODM
Available Quantity:1000
Quality Standard: Feed Grade
Advantage :Bulk stock in USA warehouse,Hot sale in USA Marketing;

What is Pure Oregano Oil?

Pure Oregano oil contains more than 30 substances, of which mainly 4 types of functional substances. Pure Oregano oil has antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, anesthetic, and antiparasitic effects, each of which is exerted by different compounds. The composition of pure oregano oil is affected by variety, climate, highlands, planting time and nutritional status. There are about 45 species of oregano in nature, of which two are more common, namely the genus Origanum (produced in Europe) and the genus Oregano (produced in Mexico). Different ingredients determine different effects.



Items Specification
Product name Oregano oil
Color and odor

Pale yellow liquid With spicy aroma

relative density


Refractive index


Carvacrol content


Conclusion Pass

Testing Items

Standard Requirements

Testing Result


Colorless to light yellow liquid.


Density (25℃/25℃)



Refractive Index




Soluble in ethanol







A. Pure oregano oil premix has a synergistic effect in feed additives, enzymes, organic acids, amino acid chelates, and common antibiotics (yeasts are not suitable);

B. Best oregano oil has very strong surface activity and can quickly penetrate the cell membrane of pathogenic microorganisms, causing the microbe’s moisture imbalance and death;

C. Long-term feeding can effectively reduce the infection of pathogens on the luminal epithelial cells, and at the same time can promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients, and increase the feed return;

D. It has a special effect on acute gastrointestinal bacterial diseases and a certain effect on coccidiosis. This product is an enteric solvent with quick effect and short treatment course;

E. Change the flavor of the meat;

F. Pure oregano oil has a certain killing effect on a variety of viruses and fungi in livestock and poultry. This product can be used in perfumes, medicines, fragrances, etc.


1. The effect of adding oregano oil in the diet of pregnant and lactating sows on the reproductive performance of sows and the growth performance of piglets. Increase piglet litter birth weight, weaning weight, sow feed intake during lactation and reduce the death of piglets before weaning, shorten the post-weaning estrus interval, and increase the delivery rate of the second child.

2. Summary of the application of oregano oil in pig feed

3. Adding 500ppm oregano oil in late pregnancy, lactation, and post-weaning estrus, can increase the birth weight, weaning weight, sow intake during lactation and reduce the death of piglets before weaning, and shorten the interval of estrus after weaning. Improve the delivery rate of the next fetus-improve the reproductive performance of the sow, and the effect is stable;

4. Add 15-120ppm oregano oil to the weaning diet. Foreign studies have higher dosages and most of them are ineffective, while domestic dosages are small and all show positive effects-the effect is unstable, and further research is needed.


Pure Oregano Oil Supplier

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