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Pure Leucine Powder

CAS Number: 61-90-5
Molecular formula: C6H13NO2
Molecular weight: 131.17
EINECS number: 200-522-0

What is Pure Leucine Powder?

Pure leucine powder is one of nine essential amino acids that humans receive from food. It is necessary for protein synthesis as well as numerous metabolic processes.

The regulation of blood sugar levels is aided by leucine pure;muscle and bone tissue development and repair;production of growth hormone;and repairing wounds.Pure leucine may be beneficial to people with phenylketonuria because it prevents the breakdown of muscle proteins after trauma or severe stress.Numerous foods contain leucine, and deficiency is uncommon.


Basic Information:

English name: L-Leucine

English synonyms: (s)-2-amino-4-methylvalericacid;1-Leucine;2-Amino-4-methylpentanoicacid;2-amino-4-methylpentanoicacid;2-amino-4-methyChemicalbookl-valericaci;4-methyl-l -norvalin;4-methyl-norvalin;alpha-Amino-gamma-methylvalericacid

CAS Number: 61-90-5

Molecular formula: C6H13NO2

Molecular weight: 131.17

EINECS number: 200-522-0


Pure Leucine Powder Benefits:

Pure leucine powder is an essential component in the synthesis and metabolism of proteins.The current study looked into the possible underlying mechanism of whether or not adding pure leucine to the diet of sows in late pregnancy could increase piglet birth weight.

At day 70 of pregnancy, 200 sows were chosen, and the following four diets were fed to each group until farrowing:diet consisting of corn and soybean meal (CON), CON + 0.40 percent pure leucine powder, CON + 0.80 percent Leu, and CON + 1.20 percent Leu.P 0.05, we observed a significant increase in mean piglet birth weight when supplementing with 0.80% pure leucine.

P 0.05, the plasma concentrations of valine (Val) and isoleucine (Ile) decreased when farrowing sows and newborn piglets were supplemented with 0.40, 0.80, and 1.20 percent leucine pure, respectively.There was a difference between the CON group and the Leu supplemented group in the protein expressions of amino acid transporters (including LAT1, SNAT1, SNAT2, 4F2hc, and rBAT) in the duodenum, jejunum, ileum, longissimus dorsi muscle of newborn piglets, and placenta of sows.


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