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Potassium Sulfate

Product Name:Potassium Sulfate
Grade:Tech/Argiculture Grade
Certificate:ISO CCIC CIQ
Packing:PP/PE Bags
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What is Potassium Sulfate?

Potassium sulfate is a salt composed of sulfate ions and potassium ions, and is usually colorless or white crystals, granules or powder. Odorless, bitter taste. Hard quality. Chemically inactive. Stable in the air. The density is 2.66g/cm. The melting point is 1069°C. The aqueous solution is neutral, and the pH is about 7.1 at room temperature. 1g is soluble in 8.3ml of water, 4ml of boiling water, 75ml of glycerol, and insoluble in ethanol.

The main uses include serum protein biochemical test, catalyst for Kjeldahl nitrogen determination, preparation of other potassium salts, fertilizers, medicines, preparation of glass, alum, etc.



Molecular FormulaK2SO4
AppearanceWhite Crystal Powder
Main contain (K2SO4)98% Min
K2O50.0% Min
Moisture1.5% Max
CL1.5% Max
Free Acid(H2SO4)1.5% Max
S18% Min
PH Value3-5
Water soluble100%



Being a quality focused organization, we are engaged in offering an unparalleled range of Potassium Sulphate For Animal Feed Industry to our reputed customers. Our offered array is free from side effects as we process it using optimum quality ingredients, sourced from the most prestigious vendors of the industry. In addition to this, we process this array under the eye of quality analyzer at our sophisticated laboratory while keeping in mind international quality standards and norms.


Gradualaction Alpha Lipoic acid is intended for dogs and cats and is administered mixed with feed at a dose of 1 capsule every 10 kg of body weight, twice a day.


The Potassium Sulfate Supplier

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Why Choose Potassium Sulfate?

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Where to buy Potassium Sulfate?

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