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Product Name:Pectinase
Cas No:9032-75-1
Molecular formula:C18H37N(CH3)2
Shelf life:1 year when properly stored.
Grade:Animal Feed Grade
Application:Promote Nutrition
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What is Pectinase?

Pectinases are a group of enzymes that breaks down pectin, a polysaccharide found in plant cell walls, through hydrolysis, transelimination and deesterification reactions.[1][2] Commonly referred to as pectic enzymes, they include pectolyase, pectozyme, and polygalacturonase, one of the most studied and widely used[citation needed] commercial pectinase. It is useful because pectin is the jelly-like matrix which helps cement plant cells together and in which other cell wall components, such as cellulose fibrils, are embedded. Therefore, pectinase enzymes are commonly used in processes involving the degradation of plant materials, such as speeding up the extraction of fruit juice from fruit, including apples and sapota. Pectinase have also been used in wine production since the 1960s.[3] The function of pectinase in brewing is twofold, first it helps break down the plant (typically fruit) material and so helps the extraction of flavors from the mash. Secondly the presence of pectin in finished wine causes a haze or slight cloudiness. Pectinase is used to break this down and so clear the wine.

Pectinases can be extracted from fungi such as Aspergillus niger. The fungus produces these enzymes to break down the middle lamella in plants so that it can extract nutrients from the plant tissues and insert fungal hyphae. If pectinase is boiled it is denatured (unfolded) making it harder to connect with the pectin at the active site, and produce as much juice.



CAS No.9032-75-1
Other NamesPectinase
EINECS No.232-885-6
Place of OriginChina
TypeEmulsifiers, Enzyme Preparations, Preservatives
Brand NameGreen Brand
Model NumberCAS 9032-75-1
Color:slightly beige
Appearance:Brown powder
HS Code35079090
Product Categories:Feed additives



Pectinase is a general term for a variety of enzymes that can decompose pectin substances. It can be roughly divided into pectin hydrolase, pectin lyase, pectin esterase, and propectinase. Because pectinase can decompose complex The pectin can be converted into small molecules and galacturonic acid, which can quickly and completely remove pectin, and can also produce flocculation, which is widely used in beverage processing, plant extraction, textile, papermaking, industrial sewage treatment and other fields.

In the feed industry, pectinase can decompose the pectin material intertwined with cellulose, hemicellulose and other non-starch polysaccharides to form plant cell walls into small molecules, lyse plant cell walls, and reduce the viscosity of feed in the intestinal tract of animals. , So that the nutrients in the feed can be released in the animal’s digestive tract. At the same time, after pectinase decomposes pectin, the combination of pectin and digestive enzymes in the animal intestine is reduced, and it can synergistically promote the action of other non-starch polysaccharide enzymes; improve the activity of digestive enzymes and the digestion and utilization of nutrients. Therefore, pectinase and feed enzyme preparation products containing pectinase have also been vigorously developed and applied.


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