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Oregano Oil

Product Name:Pure Oregano Oil
Apperance:light yellow oil
Supply Type:OEM/ODM, OEM/ODM
Available Quantity:1000
Quality Standard: Feed Grade
Advantage :Bulk stock in USA warehouse,Hot sale in USA Marketing;

What is Oregano Oil

Oregano oil has proven to be active component of natural animal feed supplements—leading many dairy farmers and ranchers to turn to RopaPharm International, Mensink’s leading animal feed supplement company—to meet their animals’ dietary needs and improve the health of livestock.

In both pure natural grades and in prepared mixtures, 100 pure oregano oil is used in feed mixtures. The positive and supporting properties of these oils add value to animal feed and also they are cost effective.

Oregano oil keeps chickens healthy and disease-free naturally Field observations have shown that oregano products produces uniform colored eggs, with less blood spots. Significant decrease in the number of faulty and dirty eggs has also been discovered. Supplementation of 100% pure oregano oil has beneficial effects on boiler weight, average daily gain, feed efficiency and feed and water intakes.



Items Specification
Product name PURE Oregano oil
Color and odor

Pale yellow liquid With spicy aroma

relative density


Refractive index


Carvacrol content


Conclusion Pass

Testing Items

Standard Requirements

Testing Result


Colorless to light yellow liquid.


Density (25℃/25℃)



Refractive Index




Soluble in ethanol







A. Pure oregano oil premix has a synergistic effect in feed additives, enzymes, organic acids, amino acid chelates, and common antibiotics (yeasts are not suitable);

B. Best oregano oil has very strong surface activity and can quickly penetrate the cell membrane of pathogenic microorganisms, causing the microbe’s moisture imbalance and death;

C. Long-term feeding can effectively reduce the infection of pathogens on the luminal epithelial cells, and at the same time can promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients, and increase the feed return;

D. It has a special effect on acute gastrointestinal bacterial diseases and a certain effect on coccidiosis. This product is an enteric solvent with quick effect and short treatment course;

E. Change the flavor of the meat;

F. Pure oregano oil has a certain killing effect on a variety of viruses and fungi in livestock and poultry. This product can be used in perfumes, medicines, fragrances, etc.


1. The application of oregano oil in animal husbandry

Antibacterial effect, reduce piglet diarrhea

Many studies at home and abroad have proved that oregano oil has a strong antibacterial effect, including bacteria and fungi.

2 Improve digestive enzyme activity, improve feed conversion efficiency, and promote animal growth

100% pure oregano oil can prevent and limit the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms in the digestive tract of animals, is conducive to the activity of strong enzymes, improves the digestion and utilization of nutrients, and promotes animal growth.

3 Enhance the body’s anti-stress ability

Oregano oil can improve the body’s anti-stress ability and improve animal quality.

4 Strengthen the body’s immunity

100 pure oregano oil can promote the growth and development of immune organs, improve the phagocytic ability of phagocytes, and enhance the body’s immunity.


Oregano Oil Supplier

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Why Choose Oregano Oil?

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Where to buy Oregano Oil?

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