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Manganese Carbonate

Manganese Carbonate
CAS No: 598-62-9
EINECS No: 209-942-9
Molecular formula: MnCO3
Molecular weight: 114.95
Grade:feed Grade
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What is Manganese Carbonate?

Manganese carbonate is a raw material for manufacturing soft ferrite for telecommunication equipment, synthesizing manganese dioxide and manufacturing other manganese salts. Used as a catalyst for desulfurization, as a pigment for enamel, paint and varnish. Also used as fertilizer and feed additives. Used in medicine, welding rod accessories, etc., used as the raw material for the production of electrolytic manganese metal.



Manganese Carbonate

Soft magnetism(HG/T2836-1997)(based on dry basis)

Content(based on Mn) 43-46% Potassium(K) ≤0.02%
Sulphate(based on SO4) ≤0.05% Sodium(Na) ≤0.03%
Chloride(based on Cl) ≤0.03% Calcium(Ca) ≤1.0%
Silicon dioxide(SiO2) ≤0.05% Magnesium(Mg) ≤0.5%
Aluminium(Al) ≤0.05% Lead(Pb) ≤0.02%

technical grade(Q/ZKH001-1999)(based on dry basis)

1 2
Content(based on Mn) ≥44.0% ≥43%
Sulphate(based on SO4) ≤0.7% ≤1.0%
Chloride(based on Cl) ≤0.03% ≤0.1%
Granularity, Residue through 45µm screen ≤4.0 ≤6.0

Feedstuff grade

Content(based on Mn)      ≥43.5%      Sulphate(based on SO4)      ≤0.7%
Chloride(based on Cl)      ≤0.03%       Heavy metal(based on Pb)   ≤0.002%
Cadmium (based on Cd)   ≤0.0005%   Arsenic(As)          ≤0.0005
Insoluble substance in HNO3    ≤0.03   Fluoride(F)           ≤0.01



In veterinary medicine manganese carbonate is used in mono-preparations and combination products to treat manganese deficiency and to prevent skeletal abnormalities in calves and perosis in poultry. Manganese carbonate is authorised in the EU as a feed additive with a maximum dose of 250 mg manganese per kg feed.


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