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CAS Number: 52-90-4
Molecular formula: C3H7NO2S
Molecular weight: 121.16
EINECS number: 200-158-2

What is L-cysteine?

The sulfhydryl group on L-cysteine is its active group (so glutathione is often abbreviated as G-SH), which is easy to complex with heavy metal salts such as iodoacetic acid, mustard gas (a poisonous gas), lead, mercury, and arsenic. It has an integrated effect. Glutathione (especially the glutathione in liver cells) has a very important physiological role that is integration, such as free radicals, heavy metals, etc., and participates in biotransformation, thereby transforming harmful poisons in the body into non-toxic substances. The harmful substances are excreted from the body.

  Another main physiological role of L-cysteine is as an important antioxidant in the body. It can remove free radicals in pigs, clean and purify the environmental pollution in pigs, thereby improving the health of pigs. Since reduced L-cysteine itself is easily oxidized by certain substances, it can protect the sulfhydryl groups in many proteins and enzymes from being oxidized by harmful substances such as free radicals in the body, so that molecules such as proteins and enzymes can exert their physiology. Function. It can also coordinate with the vitamins in the pigs to protect the healthy level of the pigs, especially the anti-stress ability! And reduce the amount of methionine

Basic Information:

English name: L-Cysteine

English synonyms: (R)-2-Amino-3-mercaptopropanoicacid;3-mercapto-l-alanin;alpha-amino-beta-mercaptopropionicacid;alpha-Amino-beta-thiolpropChemicalbookionicacid;alpha-amino-beta-thiolpropionicacid;Cystein;half -cysteine;L-Cysteine-animalorigin

CAS Number: 52-90-4

Molecular formula: C3H7NO2S

Molecular weight: 121.16

EINECS number: 200-158-2



In terms of feed additives, according to statistics from Moeller Co., Germany, in addition to lysine, glutamic acid and methionine, L-cystine is the largest. Because the solubility of L-cystine is too small (only 0.1lg per 1 liter of water can be dissolved at room temperature), it needs to be prepared into L-cysteine before it can be added to feed for use.


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