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L Carnitine Powder

Product Name:L-carnitine
Appearance:White powder
Test methold:HPLC
Type:Feed Grade
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What is L Carnitine Powder?

Human kidneys, liver, and brain produce the chemical l carnitine powder. It aids in the metabolism of fat into energy.

Carnitine powder is necessary for the functioning of the heart and brain, muscle movement, and numerous other body processes. Carnitine powder and propionyl-l carnitine powder are two other chemicals that can be made by the body from L-carnitine. However, it is unclear whether these other carnitines offer the same benefits.



Product nameL-Carnitine
Cas number541-15-1
Colorwhite powder
UsageFeed additives


L Carnitine Powder Uses

Heart disease prevention

Dogs with heart disease typically receive a recommendation to take L-carnitine supplements. L-carnitine supplementation has been shown to improve dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) in Boxers and Cocker Spaniels in some studies, but the positive results are inconsistent with those seen in other breeds of dogs with the same condition. While some cases of DCM are brought on by diet, others are breed-specific inherited conditions, and this may affect how well supplements work.

Metabolism of fat.

L-carnitine helps your dog burn fat, which can help them keep their lean muscle mass, recover faster from exercise, and even help them lose weight.


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