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Product Name:β-glucanase
Appearance:Light yellow powder
Shelf life:1 year when properly stored.
Grade:Animal Feed Grade
Application:Promote Nutrition
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What is β-glucanase?

β-glucanase are enzymes that break down large polysaccharides via hydrolysis. The product of the hydrolysis reaction is called a glucan, a linear polysaccharide made of up to 1200 glucose monomers, held together with glycosidic bonds. Glucans are abundant in the endosperm cell walls of cereals such as barley, rye, sorghum, rice, and wheat. Glucanases are also referred to as lichenases, hydrolases, glycosidases, glycosyl hydrolases, and/or laminarinases. Many types of glucanases share similar amino acid sequences but vastly different substrates.Of the known endo-glucanases, 1,3-1,4-β-glucanase is considered the most active.



Product NameHot selling beta glucanase enzyme powder CAS 9025-70-1 beta glucanase
AppearanceLight yellow Powder
ApplicationFeed additives
Keywordsbeta glucanase enzyme;beta glucanase powder;beta glucanase
StorageKeep in a cool, dry, dark location in a tightly sealed container or cylinder.
Shelf Life24 Months



β-glucanase is an enzyme preparation used earlier in the feed industry. The use of β-glucanase greatly improves the nutritional value of barley diets. Corn prices are currently low. Most feed companies still rely mainly on corn-soybean meal diets, and use less barley and other energy feeds. The application of β-glucanase in feeds is not the focus of enzyme preparations. β-glucanase is usually used as an auxiliary enzyme preparation in conjunction with xylanase, cellulase, etc. β-glucanase reduces or eliminates the anti-nutritional effect of β-glucan in feed breeding, not because the hydrolysis of β-glucan increases the utilization rate of glucose, but it degrades β-glucan into molecular weight Relatively small oligosaccharides and oligosaccharides reduce the viscosity of chyme, increase the activity of digestive enzymes, and promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

In addition, some studies have reported that the appropriate amount of β-glucan in the diet has health effects such as regulating blood sugar, lowering cholesterol, preventing constipation, improving immunity, promoting the proliferation of intestinal probiotics, and improving intestinal health. The application of β-glucanase in the beer industry is relatively mature. Adding β-glucanase can reduce the viscosity of wort, shorten the filtration time, increase beer production, and improve beer quality. Due to the small amount of barley used in animal feed, the feed industry has insufficient research power on β-glucanase. It has not specifically developed effective β-glucanase for the digestive and physiological characteristics of animal gastrointestinal tract, but directly uses beer Industrial β-glucanase is directly added to animal feed. The domestic microbial strains that produce β-glucanase have a single source. Although the fermentation activity is high, their high temperature resistance to feed pelleting and gastric acid resistance still need to be improved.


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