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Ferrous Carbonate

Type:Ferrous carbonate
CAS No.:563-71-3
EINECS No.:209-259-6
Grade:Feed Grade
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What is Ferrous Chloride?

Iron(II) carbonate, or ferrous carbonate, is a chemical compound with formula FeCO

3, that occurs naturally as the mineral siderite. At ordinary ambient temperatures, it is a green-brown ionic solid consisting of iron(II) cations Fe2+

 and carbonate anions CO2−




Technical Date Sheet

Commodity Name: Ferrous Carbonate
Classification: Carbonate Type:Ferrous carbonate CAS No. 563-71-3

Other Names: Ferric

Carbonate, Iron


MF: FeCO3 . H20 EINECS No :209-259-6
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Grade Standard:

Agriculture Grade, feed grade

Purity: Fe: 38%min
Appearance: Tan brown to reddish brown powder Application: fertilizer and feed additive, indus… Brand Name: n/a
Model Number: n/a Colour: Tan brown to reddish brown /


Appearance Tan brown to reddish brown powde
Fe % 38.min
Pb % 0.005maX
As % 0.003maX
Cd % 0.003maX
Size 95% min to pass 60MM



Appearance Tan brown to reddish brown powde
Fe % 38.min
Pb % 0.005maX
As % 0.003maX
Cd % 0.003maX
Size 95% min to pass 60MM



Ferrous Chloride can be used as pesticides and fertilizers in agriculture. It can prevent wheat smut, scabs of apples and pears, and rot of fruit trees. It is also a kind of trace element fertilizer.

Plant iron supplements, remove moss and lichens from tree trunks. Feed grade ferrous chloride, used as iron supplements in feed processing.


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