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Enzyme Protease

CAS No.:9001-92-7
Nutritional Value:Nutritional
Grade:Animal Feed Grade
Application:Promote Nutrition
Usage:feed additive
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What is Enzyme Protease?

Enzyme Protease facilitate countless daily reactions in your body to keep you alive and thriving. They perform many functions, including helping break down food for energy.

In particular, enzyme protease help break down and digest protein. They’re found in the body, as well as in certain foods and dietary supplements.Enzyme protease supplements have recently grown in popularity due to their many purported health benefits.



TypeFeed Nutrition
Model NumberNA
Product nameFeed & Animal Nutrition
AppearanceBrown Powder
Optimum pH4.0 – 5.5
Temperature range30 C – 85 C
Optimum Temperature50 C – 60 C



In the animal nutrition world, enzyme protease preparations are not unfamiliar concepts. In the Additive Catalogue of the Ministry of Agriculture (2013), there are 12 types of enzymes that are allowed to be used in animal feed (the same type of enzyme has different sources).

They are either digestive enzyme protease that animals can secrete themselves, and when needed, they are supported by foreign aid troops; or they are enzymes that animals cannot secrete themselves (non-digestive enzymes), which are produced by smart humans using microorganisms and added to In feed, it can cooperate with endogenous enzymes to complete tasks that animals cannot complete by themselves.

It is then obvious that exogenous protease such as “protease” is a digestive enzyme. Since we have come to support and help, to win the game, we must first understand what the situation of the players (endogenous enzymes) already on the field is, when we need to send foreign aid, and what effect it can bring~


The Enzyme Protease Supplier

Green agri enjoys long term relationships with our clients because we focus on customer service and providing great products. If you are interested in our products, we are flexible with the customization of orders to suit your specific need and our quick lead time on orders guarantees you’ll have great tasting our products on-time.

We also focus on value-added services. We are available for service questions and information to support your business.

Why Choose Enzyme Protease?

Green agri specialize in digestive enzyme protease in poultry feed for several years, we supply products with competitive price, and our product is of the highest quality and undergoes strict, independent testing to ensure that it is safe for consumption around the world.

Where to buy Protease Enzymes?

Just send email to, or submit your requirement in bottom form, we are of service at any time!


Why choose us?

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  • We provide green Enzyme Protease to our customers and actively respond to environmental changes and develop a circular economy.

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