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Cysteamine Hydrochloride

CAS Number: 156-57-0
Molecular formula: C2H8ClNS
Molecular weight: 113.61
EINECS number: 205-858-1

What is Cysteamine Hydrochloride?

Cysteamine is used as a feed supplement in animal production to promote growth rate and improve feed efficiency. Coated cysteamine hydrochloride (CC) target releases cysteamine in small intestine and protects gastrointestinal mucosa from oxidative damage. However, little information is known regarding the effects of CC supplementation in carcass characteristics and meat quality. The aim of present study was to investigate potential effects of cysteamine supplementation on growth performance, carcass characteristics, and meat quality in finishing pigs.

Basic Information:

English name: Cysteamine hydrochloride


CAS Number: 156-57-0

Molecular formula: C2H8ClNS

Molecular weight: 113.61

EINECS number: 205-858-1



Cysteamine Hydrochloride is used as feed additive.


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