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Color:White powder
Application:feed additive

What is α-Cycloalanine?

α-Cycloalanine (ACC) is a natural non-protein special amino acid, which is widely found in plants. The biomimetic synthesis method of α-cycloalanine is characterized in that the method uses methionine as the starting material, first oxidizes methylthio to obtain methionine sulfone, and the obtained methionine sulfone is protected by carboxyl and amino groups to obtain oxazolone. The oxazolone is then intramolecularly cyclized, and the obtained spirocyclic compound is purified after acid hydrolysis to obtain the α-cycloalanine.



The invention provides a laying fowl feed additive and application thereof. The laying fowl feed additive provided by the invention mainly comprises bacillus coagulans, conjugated linoleic acid and alpha-cycloalanine which have a synergistic action; and the laying rate can be increased, the death and culling rate can be lowered, the nutritional quality of fowl’s eggs is improved, meanwhile, the productivity of laying fowls is enhanced, consumption of antibiotics is avoided, toxic or side effects resulting from the antibiotics are lowered, and harm to human is reduced.


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