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Choline Chloride 60

Choline chloride
CAS No.: 67-48-1
Other Names: Choline chloride
EINECS No.: 200-655-4
Type:Feed Grade
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What is Choline Chloride 60?

The organic compound choline chloride has the formula [(CH3)3NCH2CH2OH]Cl. It has two functions because it has an alcohol and a quaternary ammonium salt. Choline, which occurs naturally, is the cation. It is a water-soluble, white salt that is mostly used in animal feed.




Product nameCholine Chloride
CAS NO.67-48-1
Molecular formulaC5H14ClNO
Molecular weight139.62
AppearanceWhite to off-white crystalline powder
GradeFeed grade


Choline Chloride 60 Uses


Dog food ingredients containing choline or choline chloride 60 are crucial to your dog’s health. There is proof that an eating regimen wealthy in Choline can assist with forestalling the side effects of dementia and feebleness that can happen in senior canines. A choline supplement is frequently suggested by veterinarians for dogs experiencing seizures due to its effects on brain health.

A diet high in choline is beneficial throughout your dog’s life. This will protect your dog’s liver from diseases like hepatic lipidosis and help your dog’s brain develop normally. By preventing water loss through the skin, choline chloride 60 corn cob also helps your dog stay hydrated.

Your dog may begin to exhibit symptoms of choline deficiency if they do not get enough choline chloride 60 feed grade from their food. Medical testing may be required to see some of these; Your dog may require additional diagnostic testing if they exhibit visible symptoms. Symptoms of choline deficiency include:

Rapid weight loss, vomiting, and liver dysfunction can all lead to hemorrhagic tissue.





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