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Calcium Iodate

Appearance:White to off-white powder
CAS NO.:7789-80-2
EINECS NO.:232-191-3
Molecular Formula:Ca.(IO3)2
Molecular Weight:389.88334
Grade:feed Grade
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What is Calcium Iodate?

Calcium iodates are inorganic compound composed of calcium and iodate anion. Two forms are known, anhydrous Ca(IO3)2 and the monohydrate Ca(IO3)2(H2O). Both are colourless salts that occur naturally as the minerals called lautarite and bruggenite, respectively. A third mineral form of calcium iodate is dietzeite, a salt containing chromate with the formula Ca2(IO3)2CrO4.

Calcium iodate is widely used as feed and food additives as well as pharmaceuticals. It is used in the feed industry as an iodine additive in premixed feed, in the food industry as a quality improver and preservative, in the pharmaceutical industry as a trace amount in mouthwash, iodine substitute, and nutritional supplements Elemental additives and deodorants.




Product Name:

Calcium Iodate

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CAS No.:





Industrial Grade


White crystal or powder

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Molecular Weight:




A compound known as calcium iodate is frequently added to animal feed. It contains a lot of iodine, a micronutrient that animals need to grow and develop properly. We will talk about some of the advantages of using calcium iodate in feed additives in this article.

  1. Improved Development and Growth

    Calcium Iodate is an essential nutrient that is essential to animal growth and development. It is necessary for the thyroid gland to function properly, which helps make important hormones and regulates metabolism. Calcium iodate helps to ensure that animals get enough iodine, which can help them grow faster, have stronger immune systems, and develop better as a whole.

2. Better Reproductive Health 

Animals’ reproductive health is also dependent on iodine. It aids in menstrual cycle regulation, fetal development, and healthy lactation. Calcium iodate can make sure that animals get enough iodine, which can help them have better reproductive health and make more babies.

3. Further developed Milk Quality

calcium iodate anhydrous can likewise assist with working on the nature of milk delivered by dairy creatures. Thyroxine, a hormone that is essential for the production of milk, cannot be synthesized without iodine. Calcium iodate can improve the quality of milk produced by dairy animals by ensuring that they receive adequate amounts of iodine. This can result in higher milk yields and improved overall profitability for farmers.

4. Iodine deficiency can cause a variety of health problems in animals, including goiter, hypothyroidism, and problems with reproduction. Calcium iodate can help animals avoid these health problems by providing them with enough iodine, making them happier and healthier.

5. Last but not least, animals’ feed efficiency can be improved with calcium iodate. Iodine can assist animals in converting feed into energy more effectively because it plays a crucial role in metabolism and energy production. Calcium iodate anhydrous in dog food can aid in feed efficiency and reduce feed costs by ensuring that animals receive adequate amounts of iodine.

In conclusion, calcium iodate is a useful ingredient in animal feed that has numerous advantages for both farmers and animals. There are numerous and significant advantages to calcium iodate, including improved growth and development, improved reproductive health, and improved milk quality. Calcium iodate can contribute to improved overall health and wellbeing by ensuring that animals get enough iodine. This makes farmers more profitable and improves the quality of life for their animals.

Calcium iodate anhydrous is considered a safe source of iodine for all animal species/categories when used up to the currently authorised maximum content of total iodine in complete feed, with the exception of horses and dogs, for which maximum tolerated levels are 3 and 4 mg I/kg complete feed, respectively.


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