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Bifidobacterium Longum

Products name:Bifidobacterium Longum
Appearance:White to light yellow powder
Bulk Density:0.40-0.70g/ml
Standard:1.5×1011 CFU/g
Grade:Feed Garde
Usage:feed additive
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What is Bifidobacterium Longum?

Bifidobacterium longum is a Gram-positive, catalase-negative, rod-shaped bacterium present in the human gastrointestinal tract and one of the 32 species that belong to the genus Bifidobacterium. … When grown on general anaerobic medium, B. longum forms white, glossy colonies with a convex shape.






milk white or yellowish powder

Loss On Drying


The total number of living bacteria

1.0×10(10)~10(11)cfu/g or specified


100%pass the 0.6mm sieve,

>90% pass the 0.4mm sieve

Percentage of other bacterium


Coliform group



Strain:Bifidobacterium breve

Supplementary Materials: Isomaltooligosaccharide


Bifidobacterium Longum Benefits:

Bifidobacterium longum is a multifunctional probiotic that is effective in alleviating gastrointestinal, immunological and infectious diseases. Existing evidence imply that the multifunctional effects of BB536 are attributed to its ability to stabilize gut microbiota and improve the intestinal environment.

Probiotics have shown great promise in promoting human health. Despite the promising evidence, there is little information on the clinical efficacy of many of the available probiotics and their mechanisms of action are often unclear. Bifidobacterium longum subsp. longum BB536 is a clinically effective, well-established, multifunctional probiotic that has a long history of human use in alleviating gastrointestinal, immunological and infectious diseases. This review summarizes the functional benefits of BB536 from the most relevant clinical and animal studies and offers a theoretical basis for understanding its mechanisms of action.

Key clinical findings point out that bifidobacterium longum could act as a microbiome modulator to orchestrate the physiological activities of gut communities. Specifically, BB536 modulates luminal metabolism, stabilizes gut microbiota, and ultimately drives a fine-tuned homeostatic balance within the host-microbiome interaction. Clinical evidence of effectiveness of BB536 and how such multifunctional activities take place would be valuable for an optimized probiotic selection.


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