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Beta Glucanase

Product Name:Beta Glucanase
Appearance:Light yellow powder
Shelf life:1 year when properly stored.
Grade:Animal Feed Grade
Application:Promote Nutrition
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What is Beta Glucanase?

Beta glucanase hydrolyze the 1,4- or 1,3-linkages found in mixed-linked glucans disrupting the integrity of endospermic cell wall. Mixed-linked β-glucans occur exclusively in members of the monocotyledon family Poaceae, to which the cereals and grasses belong, and in related families of the order Poales. Mixed-linked beta glucanase are also referred to as (1,3 or 1,4)-β-d-glucans or cereal β-glucans. They are linear, unbranched polysaccharides in which β-d-glucopyranosyl monomers are polymerized through both (1,4)- and (1,3)-linkages. It was reported that in barley, the beta glucanase contain approximately 70% (1,4) linkages and 30% (1,3) linkage, in which segments of two or three (1,4) linkages are separated by a single (1,3) linkage [58], whereas in cereals mixed-linkage β-glucans are linear cell wall homopolysaccharides of d-glucopyranose arranged as blocks of consecutive (1,4)-linked β-d-glucose residues separated by single (1,3)-linkages.



Product NameHot selling beta glucanase enzyme powder CAS 9025-70-1 beta glucanase
AppearanceLight yellow Powder
ApplicationFeed additives
Keywordsbeta glucanase enzyme;beta glucanase powder;beta glucanase
StorageKeep in a cool, dry, dark location in a tightly sealed container or cylinder.
Shelf Life24 Months



Wang Zhenlai and others studied the effect of adding beta glucanase on the growth, digestion and carcass composition of piglets, and the results showed that the daily gain of the test group increased by 6.79%. The feed intake increased by 2.22%, the feed-to-meat ratio decreased by 3.83%, and the apparent digestibility of crude protein increased by 7.70%. The apparent digestibility of dry matter increased by 4.28%, the apparent digestibility of crude fiber increased by 9.61%, and the apparent digestibility of energy, crude fat, and crude ash increased by 7.82%, 30.83% and 29.44%, respectively. The feces of the test group The E. coli content was reduced by 77.69%. The diarrhea rate was reduced by 48.91%, and the viscosity of the ileal contents was reduced by 25.77%.

Tsai et al. studied the effects of adding xylanase and beta glucanase to corn DDGS diets on the production performance and nutrient utilization of nursery pigs. The results showed that the daily weight gain of the test group increased by 6.6%, the dry matter digestibility increased by 1.4%, the energy digestibility increased by 5.5%, and the crude protein digestibility increased by 5.9%.

He Weihai et al. studied the effect of adding beta glucanase on the growth performance of growing pigs, and the results showed that the feed conversion rate increased by 1.42%. Li Chunyan and others just explored the effect of β-glucanase on broiler performance by adding β-glucanase to the broiler diet. The results showed that the daily gain of test group A and test group B increased by 10.45% and 15.31%, respectively, and the feed-to-meat ratio was respectively. A reduction of 9.64% and 10.84%. At the same time, the diarrhea of the chickens is improved, and the immunity of the chickens is improved. Reduced the rate of dead scouring.


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