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Aspergillus Niger Citric Acid

Product name:Aspergillus Niger
Application:Feed Addictive
Color:Light Yellow
Shelf Life:≥12Months
Grade:Animal Feed Grade
Application:Promote Nutrition
Usage:feed additive
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What is Aspergillus Niger Citric Acid?

Aspergillus niger citric acid is a fungus and one of the most common species of the genus Aspergillus.

Aspergillus niger citric acid causes a disease called “black mold” on certain fruits and vegetables such as grapes, apricots, onions, and peanuts, and is a common contaminant of food. It is ubiquitous in soil and is commonly reported from indoor environments, where its black colonies can be confused with those of Stachybotrys (species of which have also been called “black mold”).

Some strains of A. niger have been reported to produce potent mycotoxins called ochratoxins; other sources disagree, claiming this report is based upon misidentification of the fungal species. Recent evidence suggests some true A. niger strains do produce ochratoxin A. It also produces the isoflavone orobol.



Particle size (%<40 mesh)≥80
Loss on drying/(%)≤8.0
Total viable count/(CFU/g)≤50000
Coliform Bacteria/(CFU/g)≤30
Escherichia coli(CFU/g)<10
Salmonella/(25g)Not Detected

Reaction parameters

Activity Temperature30℃-70℃
Optimum Temperature40℃-55℃
Activity pH3.0-6.5
Optimum pH3.5-5.0



Aspergillus niger citric acid can also ferment energy feed, protein feed, roughage and all kinds of feed in terms of starter. Fermented feed is not only suitable for pigs, cattle, sheep and other livestock animals, but also suitable for poultry animals such as chickens, ducks, and geese, as well as various animals such as fish, shrimp, aquatic products, yellow mealworms and insects.

Fermented feed can detoxify and detoxify the feed, greatly improve the safety of the feed, and produce a light fragrance during the fermentation process, thereby increasing the palatability of the animal; the fermentation process can also generate a variety of organic acids, vitamins, and organisms. Aspergillus niger enzymes, amino acids and many other unknown growth factors greatly improve the nutrient level and digestibility of fermented feed; improve animal resistance and reduce feed costs.


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