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Ammonium Glyphosate

CAS Number: 114370-14-8
Molecular formula: C3H17N4O5P
Molecular weight: 220.16
EINECS number: 601-309-9

What is Ammonium glyphosate?

Glyphosate salts are water-soluble, so the processed glyphosate soluble granules products. Glyphosate is a biocidal organic phosphine herbicide with a broad weed-killing spectrum. It can not only control annual weeds, but also control perennial deep-rooted weeds. As a biocidal herbicide, it is mainly used in forestry, orchards, non-farmland and no-till land. According to the spirit of the relevant documents of the Ministry of Agriculture, the development of glyphosate preparation products must shift to the direction of high content and pollution-free. The solubility is very low, so in the actual application process, it is convenient to use and increase the use effect by making a salt. It is especially necessary to develop a water-soluble dosage form with the same effect.

Basic Information:

English name: Ammoniumglyphosate

English synonyms: Ammoniumglyphosate;N-(Phosphonomethyl)glycineammoniumsalt;Glycine,N-(phosphonomethyl)-,ammoniumsalt;AMMONIUMSALTOFGLYPHOSATE;glyphosatemono-ammoniumsalt;Triammoniumglyphosate;Glycine,N-(phosphinomethyl)-altphoammoniumsalt;Glycine,N-(phosphinomethyl)-,ammoniumsalt;

CAS Number: 114370-14-8

Molecular formula: C3H17N4O5P

Molecular weight: 220.16

EINECS number: 601-309-9

Related categories: pesticides; agrochemical raw powder-herbicide



1.Compared with glyphosate sodium salt and potassium salt, glyphosate ammonium salt has the advantages of not being easy to agglomerate, low manufacturing cost, and high herbicidal activity. The American Monsanto Company developed a glyphosate ammonium salt soluble granule (SG), which was mass-produced in 1993.

2.This dosage form was screened and finally selected as the Mon44068 adjuvant. Its biggest feature is that it greatly reduces the toxicity to mammals and water, and has high herbicidal activity. This dosage form is a dust-free extruded granule with an average bulk density of 1.45kg/L. It can quickly disintegrate into a solution under the conditions of control water (soft water or hard water) at a wide range of different temperatures and concentrations. At the same time, it retains the convenience of using the liquid dosage form and the convenient handling on the packaging container (it can be packed in paper bags). At the beginning of this century, the company’s first commercial product launched in the Chinese market was “747 Farmer Music” SChemicalbookG.

3.It is a soluble granule containing 74.7% glyphosate ammonium salt plus 20% additives and excipients. The appearance is light yellow or light yellow granules with a particle size of 1 to 3 mm. It can be quickly dissolved in water when put into water. , The solution is slightly acidic. Because of its low toxicity, solvent-free, and dust-free, the product became a new product welcomed and loved by farmers at that time. The first soluble granule of glyphosate ammonium salt “Nongwang 757SG” was developed by Xin’anCompany in China, which contains 75.7% glyphosate ammonium salt. At present, the domestically developed glyphosate ammonium salt soluble granules also have higher concentration products, such as 80% and 88.8%, etc. The main purpose is to reduce costs and reduce inventory. As far as the current quality of glyphosate ammonium salt soluble granules at home and abroad is concerned, there may be a certain gap between domestic products and similar foreign products, which is mainly reflected in the quality and dosage of additives.


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