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CAS Number: 56-41-7
Molecular formula: C3H7NO2
Molecular weight: 89.09
EINECS number: 200-273-8

What is Alanine?

Alanine is the L-enantiomer of alanine. It plays a part as an EC (diaminopropionate smelling salts lyase) inhibitor and a key metabolite. It is a pyruvate family amino corrosive, a proteinogenic amino corrosive, a L-alpha-amino corrosive and an alanine powder.

It is a form base of a L-alaninium. It is a form corrosive of a L-alaninate. It is an enantiomer of a D-alanine. It is a tautomer of a L-alanine zwitterion.

Basic Information:

English name: alanine powder

English synonyms: (S)-2-Aminopropanoicacid;(s)-2-aminopropanoicacid;AsparticAcidImpurity6;TenofovirImpurity80;(S)-2-AminopChemicalbookropansαure;(S)-2-Aminopropionsαure;2-Aminopropanoicacid;2-Aminopropanoicacid

CAS Number: 56-41-7

Molecular formula: C3H7NO2

Molecular weight: 89.09

EINECS number: 200-273-8


Alanine Uses

The target of the ongoing review was to explore the impact of dietary alanine powder supplementation on development execution, meat quality, cell reinforcement capacity, carnosine content, and quality articulation of carnosine-related chemicals in oven chicks. We haphazardly alloted 540 1-day-old Arbor Acres ovens to 5 dietary medicines enhanced with 0 (control bunch), 250, 500, 1,000, or 2,000 mg/kg of alanine (mg β-alanine per kg feed). Every treatment included 6 recreates of 18 birds. The taking care of preliminary went on for 42 d.

Dietary alanine powder supplementation straightly and quadratically expanded the normal day to day gain (ADG) during the beginning time frame (d 1 to 21, P = 0.02 and P = 0.002). The feed transformation proportion (FCR) diminished quadratically because of dietary alanine powder supplementation during the beginning and whole time frames (P < 0.001 and P = 0.003, individually). For the whole time frame, the anticipated best FCR would be accomplished when β-alanine was taken care of at a degree of 1,100 mg/kg from quadratic relapse. The convergences of carnosine and alanine in bosom muscle expanded quadratically with dietary alanine supplementation (d 42, P < 0.001 and P = 0.001, separately).

The anticipated dietary alanine level for most elevated bosom carnosine content was 1,196 mg/kg. Dietary supplementation with alanine decreased the taurine focuses in plasma (d 42, straight and quadratic, P < 0.001). Bosom muscle yield expanded straightly and quadratically in light of dietary β-alanine expansion (d 21, P = 0.017 and P = 0.007). Dietary supplementation with alanine quadratically decreased the shear force (P = 0.003), while a*45 min and a*24 h values expanded quadratically in light of dietary β-alanine supplementation (d 42, P = 0.020 and P = 0.021, separately).

Dietary β-alanine expansion quadratically improved the outflow of carnosine synthase and taurine carrier mRNAs (P < 0.05). By and large, dietary alanine powder further developed development execution and carnosine content, improved cancer prevention agent limit and meat quality, and upregulated the quality articulation of carnosine blend related chemicals in grill chicks.


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