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Product name: Radix Stemonae extract
Botanical Source: Stemona japonica
Appearance: Brown extractum
Part of used: Root
Specification: 1% Stemonine
Application:Botanical Pesticide
Pack:By 25KGS/Fiber drum,inner by double plastic bags
Storage:Stored in cool & dry place ,keep away from direct suglight & moisture
Shelf life:Two years under proper storage.

What is Stemonine?

Based on Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Science, Stemonine is totally a natural organic insecticide extracted from Radix Stemonae Root with advanced technology and facilities. With the advantages of high efficacy, non-residue and non-phytotoxicity, Stemonine is the most favorable option for organic agriculture and its sustained development.

Stemonine is a flowering plant native to Eastern Asia. When classified medicinally, stemona root is derived from the dried root tuber of Stemona sessilifolia, Stemona japonica, or Stemona tuberose Lour. It is primarily known for its use in traditional Chinese medicine and is considered one of the system’s fifty fundamental herbs.

Stemonine is primarily used in the lung channel of traditional Chinese medicine and therefore, most of its medicinal properties focus on the lungs and respiratory conditions. Stemona root is used to stop chronic and acute coughs, ventilate the lungs, and treat asthma. It is also used as an antiparasitic for conditions such as pinworms and is used externally for lice.


Basic Information:

Product NameRadix Stemonae Extract
AppearanceBrown Yellow Powder
Test MethodTCL
GradePharmaceutical Grade
Extraction TypePowder Extraction
PackagingDrum Or Polythene Bag
Sterilization MethodHeat&NON-IRR
Particle Size100% Pass 80 meshes
Bulk Density40-60g/100ml
Loss On Drying≤5%
Heavy Metal≤10(ppm)
Shelf Life2 Years



Bological Pesticide usages :

Function :

Stemonine has poison effect to Maggots , wiggler,bedbugs,citrus aphid,crambids,cutworm.etc

Function mechanism and mode of action:

Contact poison

Toxicity: Low toxicity

Safety to wildlife: no harm


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