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Rotenone Powder

Product Name: Rotenone Powder
Latin Name: Derris trifoliata
Appearance: Brown powder
specification:5% 7% 10% 30% 40%
Active ingredient: Rotenone
Empirical formula: C23H22O6
Molecular weight: 394.21
Certifications:ISO.GMP.HACCP.KOSHER.SGS Certified
Pack:By 25KGS/Fiber drum,inner by double plastic bags
Storage:Stored in cool & dry place ,keep away from direct suglight & moisture
Shelf life:Two years under proper storage.

What is Rotenone Powder?

Rotenone powder is an odorless, colorless, crystalline isoflavone used as a broad-spectrum insecticide, piscicide, and pesticide. Rotenone Powder for Sale occurs naturally in the seeds and stems of several plants, such as the jicama vine plant, and the roots of several members of Fabaceae. It was the first described member of the family of chemical compounds known as rotenoids. Evidence has come to suggest that Rotenone Fish Killer for Sale may cause Parkinson’s disease to develop from both acute and prolonged exposure.

Rotenone powder is a naturally occurring complex ketone, derived from the roots of Lonchocarpus species (Uversky, 2004). Rotenone Fish Killer for Sale is a commonly used pesticide and is also used in lakes and reservoirs to kill fish that are perceived as pests.


Basic Information:

Content:5% 7% 10% 30% 40% of Rotenone_powder
Chemical name:(1,2,12,12a-tetrahidro-2 -iso-propeny-8, 9-
dimethoxy-[1]-benzopyrane-[3,4-b] -furo-
Molecular formula:C23 H22 O6
Aspect:Light-brown granulate solid (thick grounded)
Solubility:Soluble in chlorine solvents, benzene, propanone, acetic acid, petroleum derivate oils, etoxilated superior oily acids, etc.
Chemical stability:Rotenone_powder: Stable solid under storage conditions. Irreversible degradation occurs when exposed to direct sun light, long air wind exposures, alkaline compounds contact or strong reductor and oxidants products. It must be stored in fibreglass or corrugate carton drums in obscure PVC direct packaging at temperatures between 10oC and 20oC.
Inert contents:Practically free solid inert or insoluble impurities
Packing:Obscure PVC bags in corrugated carton drums of 50 KGS


Rotenone Powder Benefits:

Rotenone powder is used as a pesticide, insecticide, and as a nonselective piscicide (fish killer). It is commercialized as cubé, tuba, or derris, in single preparation or in synergistic combination with other insecticides. In the United States and Canada, all uses of rotenone except as a piscicide are being phased out.

Rotenone powder for sale is a naturally occurring organic heteropentacyclic compound and member of Rotenone Fish Killer for Sale that is found in the roots of several plant species. It is a mitochondrial NADH:ubiquinone reductase inhibitor, toxin, and metabolite, and is used as an antineoplastic agent and insecticide. It is characterized as a colorless to brownish or a white to brownish-white crystalline solid that is odorless. Exposure occurs by inhalation, ingestion, or contact.

1.Rotenone as an insecticide

Rotenone powder is one of seven naturally occurring chemicals permitted for occasional restricted use in organic farming. It is generally used to control aphids as well as the raspberry beetle and sawflies. However, it is rarely used as it can have an adverse effect on beneficial species as well as pests. Unlike modern, synthetic pesticides it breaks down easily and quickly and so was thought to pose little danger. It is also used as a garden dust to control insects and Rotenone Fish Killer for Sale-based pesticides are on sale across Britain. Rotenone Fish Killer is also on sale as an insecticide shampoo for dogs, cattle and sheep, which is used to kill lice.

2.Rotenone as a piscicide

Rotenone powder is the most commonly used pesticide to eradicate fish populations. For many years, introduced fish species have caused desirable native species to suffer because of the unwanted species’ competitiveness. When a pond or lake has an unbalanced fish population and is therefore undesirable to recreational fishermen, a common solution is to eradicate the fish population completely and introduce new fish in a more desirable combination.

Some fish are more resistant to Rotenone Fish Killer for Sale than others and require a higher concentration to have the same effect. Resistant fish include bullheads, goldfish and bowfin. Rotenone powder for sale treatments will usually kill fish within 24-36 hours. When poisoned with rotenone, fish swim erratically and move to shallower water or come to the surface gasping for air. After that, their ventilation rate slows and they sink to the bottom where they remain until death.

Rotenone Powder Applications:

1. Agriculture:used in the control of aphids ,thrips,moths ,beetles,spoders,mites etc.

2.Aquiculture:to control predator fished in shrimos and prawn breeding.

3.Apiculture:to control the varroosis.


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