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Product Name: Pyrethrum Extract
Part of Used: Flower
Specification: Pyrethrin 50%
Appearance: Light yellow to dark brown powder
Active Ingredient: Pyrethrin
Molecular Formular: C43H56O8
Molecular Weight: 700.90
Pack:By 25KGS/Fiber drum,inner by double plastic bags
Storage:Stored in cool & dry place ,keep away from direct suglight & moisture
Shelf life:Two years under proper storage.

What is Pyrethrin?

Also known as: natural pyrethrins. It is an active ingredient with insecticidal effect isolated and extracted from Pyreyhrum cineriifoliun Trebr. It includes pyrethrins I, pyrethrins II, cinerin I, and cinerin II (cinerin II), jasmolin I (jasmolin I), and jasmolin II (jasmolin I).

Natural pyrethrins are slowly decomposed into water and CO when exposed to light. Therefore, pesticides or sanitary insecticides formulated with them will have no residues and no side effects on humans and animals after use. It is internationally recognized as the safest non-polluted natural insecticide. Since pyrethrin extract are composed of six substances with insecticidal activity extracted from pyrethrum chrysanthemum, they have good insecticidal effects and insects are not easy to develop resistance. They can be used to produce pesticides that kill highly resistant pests.

Pyrethrin extract has the effect of paralyzing the central nervous system of insects, and is a contact insecticide, so it kills insects quickly and is easy to be accepted by farmers.It can be formulated into sanitary sprays for household hygiene and insecticide, and formulated as pesticides, which can be widely used for insecticides on economic crops such as green vegetables, green fruits, and green tea. Pyrethrin inhibits nerve tissue. It is insoluble in water and easily soluble in many organic solvents. Low toxicity to higher animals,

Although chrysanthemum is easy to cause dermatitis and even special allergies during the production and use, this effect can be eliminated during the commercial preparation process. Toxic to aquatic organisms such as fish and bees. High insecticidal activity. It is a nerve agent and mainly has a contact killing effect.


Chemical nature

Chinese name:Pyrethrins

Application: Mainly used to control sanitary pests, such as mosquitoes, flies, bed bugs, aphids, thrips, etc.

Exterior: Light yellow oily liquid

nickname: Natural pyrethrins

English name: pyrethrins

Density: 0.85-1.01

Water soluble: not soluble in wate




Pyrethrin 50%


Brown Powder


Foli Bag/ Paper Drum/Carton



Delivery Time:

1-3 Working Days


T/T West Union Trade Assurance

Shelf Time:

2 year


Keep Dry and Keep away from Sunlight

Main Export Country

The Amercias, Europe, Southeast Asia


Pyrethrin Applications:

Pyrethrin has the two major functions of insecticide and environmental protection, which is incomparable to any chemical insecticide.

Its characteristics and advantages are:

⑴ Low toxicity to mammals: Pyrethrin is one of the lowest toxic products among the existing pesticides, even if swallowed accidentally, it will be quickly metabolized;

⑵High-efficiency and broad-spectrum: As pyrethrins contain a group of insecticidal components with similar structures, they have high-efficiency and broad-spectrum for killing insects.

(3) The contact effect is extremely strong, the fatality rate is extremely high, and the use concentration is low.

⑷ Fast action: Pyrethrin has the contact effect of knocking down quickly and blocking the valve to death.


1. Insecticidal effect

Pyrethrins are toxic to many insects such as mosquitoes, flies, bed bugs and cockroaches. Within 1 to 2 minutes after exposure to pyrethrins, insects will be over-excited, dyskinesia, and quickly knocked down and paralyzed.

Pyrethrin extract is a typical neurotoxicity. It directly acts on the excitable membrane, interferes with the ion conduction of the membrane, mainly affects the sodium channels of the nerve membrane, delays the disappearance of the increase in sodium conduction during excitement, and causes the transmembrane sodium ion current to prolong, causing sensation. Nerve fibers and motor nerve axis are repeatedly active, transient nerve cell depolarization and continuous muscle contraction. At high concentrations, it inhibits the ion conduction of the nerve membrane and blocks excitement.

2. Toxic effects

Pyrethrin extract have low toxicity to mammals and are rapidly metabolized in the body, leaving no residues. But disaster refers only to oral administration. Intravenous injection of pyrethrins is very toxic to mammals. The symptoms of poisoning in vertebrates are similar to those of insects. Excessive excitement and tremors can be seen within a few minutes after administration.


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