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Organic Humic Acid Powder

English name:Organic Humic Acid Powder
English alias: NITROHUMIC ACID; abcolwalnutcrystals; agro-lig; enersol; humic; humicacids; humification
Russian name: Гуминовые кислоты

What is Organic Humic Acid Powder?

Organic humic acid powder is a natural substance in the dirt that is significant for soil fruitfulness, as well with respect to vegetation. Solid natural mixtures are separated by miniature organic entities and changed over into humus; this is the very thing we call humification. Since humus is an assortment of various natural substances, the term humic substances is likewise utilized.

Humification is an extremely sluggish cycle, a lot more slow than the creation of fertilizer, for instance. It requires no less than 6 a year to make a soluble humic acid powder like substance like manure, yet in nature the development of a soluble humic acid powder layer takes significantly longer. A few organic humic acid powder were made a long time back; these can be 2 to 3 meters thick and are 2 to 3 meters somewhere down in the dirt.


Basic Information:

Humic Acid
Amino Acid
Organic Matter
2-4mm shiny ball


Organic Humic Acid Powder Uses

1. Advance the root germination and development

Organic humic acid powder advances the germination and development of plant roots, is generally great. However, certain individuals might say that the roots are great, may can’t cause high return. That likewise seems OK. Under the ideal development conditions, it might ultimately all become commonly together. Be that as it may, we can deliberately exploit the root benefit to defeat a few unfriendly variables.

2. Increment the chlorophyll content of the leaves.

After use of soluble humic acid powder manure, we could see that the green variety become profound, the leaf green substance is higher, its photosynthesis are cling to be serious areas of strength for more. photosynthesis is acted in leaves. the leaves first advantage. Hence, it very well may be visualized that the impact of humic corrosive to utilize their leaves is supposed to show their abilities. For instance, tea, mulberry, smoke and a wide range of vegetables ought to be great items for application. Also, as a matter of fact, they have without a doubt gotten great outcomes.

3. Rouse plants to gather more solvent sugar

For products of the soil, further developing sugar implies working on quality. For sugar yields, for example, sugar beet, sugar stick, it additionally implies expanding creation. Lately, the homegrown use of humic corrosive manure experience has demonstrated that this judgment is very solid, in the peach, pear, jujube, apple, tomato and other creation rehearses, rehashed preliminary and impact generally excellent; yet in sugar beet, sugar stick, the outcomes are somewhat not many.

4. Work on the dry season and flood obstruction of plants

Since organic humic acid powder has such capabilities: It can decrease the happening of plants, so it is impervious to shrinking. It has a redox framework and advances the respiratory capability of plants, making it more ready to oppose the trouble of being lowered and lacking oxygen in the roots.

5. It inhibitorily affects specific plant infections

As it were, soluble humic acid powder is likewise a pesticide. For instance, in the Aladi Detachment, Jilin, rice decay was intense before. Since the utilization of humic corrosive composts, the illness has fundamentally vanished. The utilization of humic corrosive in Tangshan region to treat yellow leaf sickness and dry decay of natural product trees is exceptionally compelling.

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