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Humic Acid Fertilizer

English name:Humic Acid Fertilizer
English alias: NITROHUMIC ACID; abcolwalnutcrystals; agro-lig; enersol; humic; humicacids; humification
Russian name: Гуминовые кислоты

What is Humic Acid Fertilizer?

Humic acid fertilizer is a compound delivered by rotting plants. Individuals have utilized it to make medication.

Individuals at times utilize humic acid in soil to animate the safe framework, for diseases, and numerous different purposes, however there is no decent logical proof to help any utilization.


Basic Information:

Humic Acid
Amino Acid
Organic Matter
2-4mm shiny ball


Humic Acid Fertilizer Uses

Today we have one of the biggest oak species assortments of the Quercus class in the US, and the biggest assortment of local oaks of the Chihuahuan Desert Area in North America. Likewise on the site are a few sorts of redwoods, maples, dogwoods and monster wood bamboo. These plants shouldn’t generally have the option to develop on soils with the circumstances we began with, yet with the power (or wizardry) of humic acid fertilizer we have restored the dirts to a useful and sound level.

At long last, “humic acid fertilizer: Great Results of Soil Science” (The Diary of Synthetic Training, December 2001) states, “Humic acids are momentous brown to dark results of soil science that are fundamental for solid and useful soils. They are functionalized particles that can go about as photosensitizers, hold water, tie to muds, go about as plant development energizers, and rummage harmful poisons. No engineered material can match fulvic humic acid powder ‘s physical and substance flexibility.”

The Humic Acid Supplier

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Where to buy Humic Acid?

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