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Turmeric Root Powder

Latin Name:Curcuma longa L.
Active Ingredient:Curcumin, Curcuminoids
Test Method:UV/HPLC
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What is Turmeric Root Powder?

Turmeric root powder(articulated/ˈtɜːrmərɪk/, likewise/ˈtjuːmərɪk/[2]) is a blossoming plant, Curcuma longa, of the ginger family, Zingiberaceae, the rhizomes of which are utilized in cooking.

The plant is an enduring, rhizomatous, herbaceous plant local to the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia that requires temperatures somewhere in the range of 20 and 30 °C (68 and 86 °F) and a lot of yearly precipitation to flourish. Organic turmeric root powder are accumulated every year for their rhizomes, some for proliferation in the accompanying season and some for utilization.


2.Basic Information

Product name

Curcumin Powder

Latin name

Curcuma longa L.

Place of Origin

Sichuan ,Fujian China ,India

Harvest season

Every spring and autumn.

Part used

Root, rhizome

Extraction Type

Solvent Extraction

Cas No


Molecular Formula


Formula Weight



Curcuma aromatica Salisb ,C.longa L ,C.zedoaria(Berg.)Rosc.,Acorus calamus L, Curcuma domestica Valeton

Test Method


Formula Structure



Turmeric Root Powder Uses

An outstanding source of antioxidants

Natural anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling and itching

Acts as a natural decongestant to help with allergic response

Great for older dogs


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