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Shiitake Mushroom Powder

Product Name:shiitake mushroom extract
Appearance:Brown powder
Plant Part:Plant of mushroom
Specification:Polysaccharides 10%30%60%
Particle size:100% pass 80 mesh
Grade:feed grade
Advantage: bulk stock in USA warehouse;

What is Shiitake Mushroom Powder?

Our shiitake mushroom powder adds rich umami flavor to sauces, soups, pastas, and then some. This veggie lover fixing’s powdered structure makes it ideal for use as enhancing, as a thickener, and in blends. Our dried shiitake mushroom powder is produced using the best dried mushrooms and contains no added substances or additives.

The finely ground structure offers more grounded umami taste than new mushrooms, and adds both taste and surface in dishes or blends. Since organic shiitake mushroom powder is 100 percent vegetarian, it is incredible for adding flavor in plant-based plans.

The finely shiitake mushroom extract powder preparing presents a long timeframe of realistic usability to three years, making it an ideal expansion to business soup and sauce blends as well concerning use in pre-arranged meats and plant-based meats.


Basic Information:

Product name

Shiitake Mushroom Powder

Latin name

Lentinus edodes

Part used

Whole herb

Extraction Type

Solvent Extraction

Active Ingrdients



flower mushroom,

Test Method



Polysaccharide 30-50% Brown yellow powder


Medicine, food additives


Shiitake Mushroom Powder Benefits:

1. High Fiber Content Supports Digestion

The high fiber content of shiitake mushroom powder helps your dog maintain healthy bowel movements. Plus, the good bacteria in your dog’s gut break the fiber down into fatty acids that discourage the growth of harmful bacteria. A healthy digestive system promotes a strong immune system!

2. High in B Vitamins

B vitamins are essential for regulation of several cellular processes in the body, including production of blood cells, hormones, and ensuring a healthy brain and nervous system. Mushrooms are a great source of B vitamins, including B12, which is most often found in animal sources like eggs and meat.

3. Contain Vitamin D

Your dog needs vitamin D for metabolism of calcium and healthy bone growth. It’s important for immune health too. Like other mushrooms, shiitake mushroom extract powder contain ergosterol, which reacts with sunlight to produce vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol). Mushrooms are the best plant-based source of vitamin D, and a great alternative to feeding supplements.

4. Protect Oral Health

Due to their natural antimicrobial properties, eating shiitake mushroom powder may protect your dog’s gums and oral health from harmful bacteria.

5. Help Immune Function

We already saw that the fiber in shiitake mushroom extract powder can help your digestive system to promote immunity, plus vitamin D2 which also supports your dog’s immune system. They also contain other compounds that are known to boost the immune system. A study in humans showed that eating organic shiitake mushroom powder for a period of 4 weeks led to improved gut immunity and lower inflammation (2).

6. Contain Cancer-Fighting Compounds

Shiitake mushrooms contain a beta glucan called lentinan, which modulates immune function. In studies on mice, lentinan has been shown to inhibit the growth of tumors by activating lymphocytes, which are immune cells that are crucial for protecting the body against cancer.

7. Good For Heart Health

Mushrooms are a great low-fat and sodium-free addition to your dog’s diet. They also contain eritadenine, a compound that reduces cholesterol levels in the blood.

A study in rats showed that consumption of organic shiitake mushroom powder reduced fat levels in the blood in a dose-dependent manner and also reduces cancer risk (5).

8. Promote Healthy Coat And Skin

Shiitake mushrooms contain selenium, a mineral that dogs need in trace amounts. This nutrient is an essential component of certain enzymes and proteins involved in production of DNA and more.


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