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Rosemary Powder

Product Name:Rosemary Powder
Latin Name:Rosmarinus officinalis
Active Ingredient:Rosmarinic acid, Carnosic acid
Appearance:Brown Yellow Powder
Form: Powder
Use Part:Leaf
Test Method:HPLC
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What is Rosemary Powder?

Rosemary powder is a woody, fragrant perpetual with needlelike leaves and blue blossoms. Rosemary has a large group of fables and custom encompassing it, including a standing for improving recognition and memory. Our rosemary powder is ground from naturally developed leaves. Rosemary leaf powder can be utilized in culinary applications, foot showers, and home grown mixture recipes.

Rosemary leaf powder are in many cases utilized in natural medication for their advantageous properties, including supporting generally mental health.

Dried rosemary leaf powder is a fragrant individual from the mint family local to the Mediterranean district where it is used as a loved culinary flavor. It is a blooming evergreen, creating meager, needle-like leaves. Rosemary plants are generally developed and effortlessly filled in numerous family gardens. They can develop productively and favor full sun and all around depleted soil, yet can likewise flourish in pots on the windowsill.


Basic Information:

Product Name

rosemary extract ursolic acid




brown yellow powder

Active Ingredient

ursolic acid

Plant Origin

Rosmarinus officinalis L



Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight



5%, 10%, 20%, 50% ,60%

Test Method



Rosemary Powder Uses

1. Supports digestion: Rosemary powder can also strengthen the digestive system. Its antimicrobial properties can help remedy gastrointestinal or digestive tract issues.

2. Neutralizes free radicals: Rosemary leaf powder is rich in antioxidants and can neutralize cell-damaging free radicals in your dog’s body, supporting the immune system.

3. Preserves food: Many dog food products feature dried rosemary leaf powder. The antimicrobial properties of rosemary make it a natural preservative in foods to keep harmful bacteria away.


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