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Organic Epimedium Extract

Product name:Organic Epimedium Extract
Latin name: Epimedium grandiflorum L.
Extract Source: leaf
Specifications: 5% – 98% test by HPLC
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What is Organic Epimedium Extract?

Organic epimedium extract contains synthetics that assistance to increment blood stream inside the body while working on sexual capability.

It is additionally answerable for delivering phytoestrogens, which are synthetic compounds that act to some degree like the human chemical, estrogen. Many individuals decide to utilize organic epimedium extract for erectile brokenness, sexual issues, bone wellbeing, joint agony and other ailment. There is minimal logical exploration to back up these cases.

You ought to constantly be cautious while consuming horny goat weed as there are different kinds of concentrate that can each have unfavorable impacts relying upon utilization levels. Best epimedium extract powder may likewise be answerable for dialing back blood coagulating, expanding the gamble of draining in the people who consume it. Organic epimedium powder ought to likewise not be consumed on the off chance that you have coronary illness as it might possibly prompt a sporadic heartbeat.


Basic Information:

Product name

Epimedium Extract

Latin name

Epimedium brevicornu Maxim.

Other name

Horny goat weed extract .Yinyanghuo

Epimedium rotundatum K. S. Hao

Place of Origin

China shaanxi

Part used

Whole herbal

Extraction Type

Solvent Extraction

Active Ingrdients


Cas No


Molecular Formula


Formula Weight


Test Method


Formula Structure



Icariin 10%-98%


Man healthcare supplements


Organic Epimedium Extract Uses

  1. Effects on sexual function

    Organic epimedium powder has a certain effect on promoting gonadal function. Flavonoids such as icariin have the effect of invigorating the kidney and strengthening yang. 30-1000μg/l can promote the secretion of estradiol by follicular granulosa cells, and at 1000μg/l, it can promote the secretion of corticosterone by adrenal cortex cells. At the same time EPS can increase the level of gonadal hormones, mainly to increase the level of FSH.

2. Improve the immune

function of the body organic epimedium extract methanol extract can inhibit the transformation of lymphocytes. The total flavonoids of Epimedium can make “Yang-deficiency” mice form high cell function and antibodies, and significantly enhance the immune function of human T cells. Both EPS and EI have immunomodulatory effects.

3. Antioxidant

EPS and EI have antioxidant activity, which can enhance the activity of antioxidant enzymes and reduce the effect of free radical products.

4. Anti-aging effect

Organic epimedium powder can resist aging and prolong life by affecting cell passage, prolonging growth period, regulating immune and secretion system, improving body metabolism and various organ functions.

5. Cardiovascular effects

The non-amino acid fraction in icariol extract can significantly increase coronary flow in isolated rabbit hearts. Decoction and alcohol infusion have the effect of lowering blood pressure. Icariin can directly relax vascular smooth muscle and dilate coronary, femoral and cerebral arteries. The mechanism of action is to inhibit the influx of extracellular calcium ions in vascular smooth muscle.

6. Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects

Organic epimedium extract can significantly reduce the swelling degree of rat egg white “arthritis” and reduce the increase of capillary permeability in rabbits caused by histamine. It can also inhibit allergic asthma in guinea pigs caused by histamine and acetylcholine.

7. Effects on bone growth

Best epimedium extract powder has the activity of inhibiting osteoclasts, while promoting the function of osteoblasts, increasing the formation of calcified bone, and promoting the synthesis of DNA in bone marrow cells, which can not only prevent castration Rat-induced osteoporosis, and can also prevent hormone-induced osteopenia and osteoporosis. Other studies have shown that Epimedium injection can significantly promote the growth of chick embryo femur in vitro.

8. Other effects

Organic epimedium extract has expectorant, antitussive and asthmatic effects.


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